June 17th

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Give the glory to God. We hear that phrase over and over as Christians and we really see it by Jesus' actions here in John 7:1-24. Jesus, knowing full well who he was and what he had come to do was so very humble in how he handled himself. I love what he says in verse 18. "The one who speaks on his own authority seeks his own glory; but the one who seeks the glory of him who sent him is true and in him there is no falsehood." Jesus was bold here, yet still humble.

So how do we stay on track when it comes to giving the glory to God? It sounds easy. It's certainly my desire as I start out each day. But then, before I know it, something happens and that "all about me" attitude can creep right in. You know what I mean, right? So let's help each other out here. Any thoughts? How about something that works (or has worked) for you? Tami W.

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Right this moment my brother-in-law is undergoing a liver transplant. This morning it's very easy to "give the glory to God". It's also very easy when I see a beautiful sunrise while on the way to work. I do get very busy in the mornings and sometimes don't think about it. I listen to the Christian radio station in our area on the way to work and am always reminded that my God is glorious.

Becky is so right. It is easy to give God glory when the outcome is so good - and that's as it should be. Yet when things are not so good, well we just don't do it. I am reminded of Besty, Corrie ten Boom's sister who gave glory to God for the fleas - why - because it gave them a chance to read the Bible to others in hopes they would hear about Jesus - in a concentration camp!

My thought is that "giving the glory to God" is a work that only the Holy Spirit can bring about in our hearts. Our old nature seeks not to give anything to God, but if BY THE SPIRIT we are allowing the deeds of the flesh (worldy mindsets, sin patterns, selfishness) to be put to death, we will live and God will receive glory. It is a process for sure. God can rid us of all desire to be admired or honored for who WE are. Giving glory to God then becomes a natural flow of who we've become in Christ. Let's say that my heart isn't quite washed of the desire to be recognized...and let's say I receive praise or recognition for something that God clearly provided through me. I can still choose to say, "all glory be to God." But just because I say, "all glory be to God" doesn't mean that my heart is really in line or in total agreement with that. All this rambling to say this: Giving glory to God is another fruit that will be revealed as we know Him more and are changed in His presence and through the circumstances He brings about to work these things OUT of us. It is a work of the Spirit.

Being humble and giving God the glory is for me to be quiet. This is very hard for me. I say this because when I do speak it is all about me. I am always trying to defend me. So if I can just keep quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit,this will give God the glory.


Thanks for your comment and for letting us know about your brother-in-law's transplant. We'll pray for him and your family today. Tami W.

This may sound silly but try and take the word "I" out of your vocabulary. When you think about how many times a day you say that word "I" you will be astounded. One of the hardest things in life to do is to think of and give credit to God and others and not ourselves. It's our human nature to be selfish I think. Just by doing this one small thing - even though it's incredibly difficult to do - you will see a change in your way of thinking.

Some great comments today, the only thing I'd like to add is this: Think about that verse that speaks of every idle word being judged, it will help us to (have ears that hear and eyes that see). All these comments today have been things that helped me so much in the past and now I must relearn them, thanks everybody!

Darlene, I loved that idea that you presented, and will definitely try it out! Thank you for putting things into such a clear perspective :-)

I agree with Bonny...thanks everyone! It's so cool to be able to read your thoughts and so challenging as well. You sharpen me for sure - thanks!

And I love what you said, Erin, about it being the work of the Spirit. So true. When I am in step with the Holy Spirit...when I've allowed Him to fill me...it is way easier to take the "I" out of the equation and see things as Jesus sees them. A great reminder to consciously be in the Word and submit my heart to God every day.

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