May 15th

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How's your passion? Because I'm wondering a little bit about mine after reading Psalm 119:129-144. The power and emotion behind the words in these verses stopped in my tracks. How passionate am I really about God's commands, His promises?

So here's my prayer for me and for you today:

Lord, I want to seek your face. Give me and all of us doing P4 a passion for You and Your Word like we've never experienced before. We love you, Lord. Amen.

Have a great day and, in case I haven't said it lately, thank you for being part of Powered by 4! Tami W.

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Thank you for the prayer - very appropriate. Would you and the community please pray for my elderly parents to continue to age gracefully together. My mother just a couple of days ago returned from the hospital after getting a feeding tube and my dad has moderate alzheimer's. They are both 85 and live together on a skilled nursing unit at the retirement community where they live. God bless you in Jesus name!
Allan S

I find myself lacking as well and join you in prayer Tami - it is right on.

How is my passion? Well my heat is ACHING everyday, i'm not quit sure why... I'm still trying to find out what exactly that is, is it ME, or is it because of my Family, or even my very own Husband. But that there is definitely something wrong, or something.
I do believe that I have to work on ME first, before I can work on any others.
There are 2 of my Brothers, and my Mom, and me, where I can talk about Gods Love for us, and every miracle that has ever happened, and what I have had experience something very special with God, that don't laugh at me, when I talk about those things. But the rest of the Family, they are 12 people, plus their Families, include my Husband, they all don't want to hear about those things. And that is why my heart is aching, and longing for them to be saved.
That's right Tami. Lord, I want to seek your Face, and Pray that my Family will seek your Face one day too. I can't wait for them to be saved, I need Patience, I feel like I'm running out.
I need Prayer's. I'm Praying for you too. Thanks

Susanna H, we'll sure be praying for you. Thanks for letting us know. Tami W.

Allan S, we'll sure be praying for your parents. Thanks for letting us know. Tami W.

My mother is 74 years old and the doctor told her she has lung cancer...she has surgry on wednesday to remove her right lobe thats if the cancer has not spread to her nodes.

I ask if you would keep me and my family up in prayer exspecally my mom, that everthing will go smoothly if its in God's will.

Thank you,
Carol T.

Carol, we'll sure be praying for your mother, you and your family. Thanks for letting us know. Tami W.

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