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May 31st

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Micah 7:8-20

Micah saved the best for last. We're finally at the end of Micah, and what a way to end. Verse 18 was a breath of fresh air as I was reminded that God delights in showing us unfailing love and compassion. But then verse 19 was even better with its incredible promise that God will trample our sins under His feet and throw them into the depths of the ocean. Thank you, Lord!!!

So overall, what did you think of Micah? Did you enjoy it? Any particular takeaways or "aha" moments? Tami W.

May 30th

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Micah 7:1-10

What do you do when you're in difficult circumstances? Wait confidently for God to save you? That's what we see Micah doing here in Micah 7. The situation is bad and Micah is mourning for his people. Then we get to verse 7, and we see a drastic change in demeanor. No more mourning. Micah is confident because he knows that God is in control and that He will sustain him. An encouraging example for us.

Waiting confidently on the Lord can be a challenge. So what can we do to get through as we wait? Any thoughts or experiences you might share about staying confident regardless of circumstances? Tami W.

May 29th

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Guilty as charged! No one wants to hear that or about the punishment to follow, but that's pretty much the state of things in Micah 6:9-16. God lays out specific sins that disgust Him and then follows up His charges with some very specific judgments. Take a look at verses 10-12 (God's accusations) again and then look around at how things are today. Any thoughts? Concerns? Tami W.

May 28th

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Micah 6:1-8

"What have I done to you? What have I done to make you tired of me?" (Micah 6:3 NLT) Who do you think is speaking here? Would you believe God, our Creator and Father? As I read this verse it just didn't seem right and I felt sad. After all, who are we that we should ever get tired of or be mad at God? We owe everything to Him. Yet, if I'm truthful, I miss the mark plenty. Not a fun realization. So here I am to say I'm sorry, Lord. Please forgive me for putting me before You.

So how do you read verse 3 or this passage (Micah 6:1-8)? What did it communicate to you? Tami W.

May 27th

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Jealous. When you hear that word, what comes to mind? As I read Micah 5:7-15, I couldn't help but notice once again God's desire to have our hearts. He expects us to seek and follow Him completely. In verses 10-15 we see God's disgust and anger with people (here other nations, but Israel did these same things too) going after and seeking everything it seems but Him. All I could think of as I read this was God is indeed jealous and He's jealous for my heart.

So what does God being a jealous God mean to you? And how does that prompt you to respond to Him? Tami W.

May 26th

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Our reading today is Micah 5:1-6.

There's no debate. Bethlehem Ephrathah is the place. If you want to know the whereabouts of Jesus' birth, you're in the right place--Micah 5. You wouldn't expect it, but Micah does contain the most precise prophecy in the Bible relating to the birth of Christ. In fact, the first six verses are all about Jesus. Did you find any new information here? What picture of Jesus does Micah paint for us? Tami W.

May 25th

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God is good, He has a plan and He's in control. Even though the first several chapters of Micah show us God's anger (well deserved anger BTW), I was absolutely struck by His goodness and love here in Micah 4:6-13. Such tender, sweet words in verse 8 "My precious Jerusalem" (NLT). Then words of hope in verse 10 as the Lord tells how He will rescue and redeem. And finally, in verse 13 we see God returning strength and might to his people. What a message of restoration and hope. So what is this amazing God of ours doing in and through your life? How do you see Him working in the details--because He is there? Tami W.

May 24th

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Finally some good news. No messages of judgment in Micah 4:1-5. Instead, we're looking at the Lord's future reign in Zion. So what we're reading in these first verses has yet to come to fruition. Now the text itself doesn't lay that out for us. So how do we know that this is a prophecy for future times? Look it over and then send in what you find. Tami W.

May 23rd

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Micah 3:9-12

They're still in the dog house. Well Micah is really calling out the leaders, rulers and prophets in Micah 3:9-12. It's a continuation of the first part of the chapter only it's more big picture in these verses. So my inquiring mind wants to know, what were your thoughts as you read Micah 3? For me, I couldn't help but make some comparisons to things I see happening in our country today on a lot of levels. Money is king, and we don't have to look very far to find greed and corruption.

So how about praying for our government and its leaders today? And, then, how about saying a prayer for our church leaders too? They need it and we are called to pray for them. Then remember, tell you thoughts on Micah 3. Tami W.

May 22nd

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Micah 3:1-8

Woe to leaders! Well, the message of judgment just keeps on going, and today (Friday) we see Micah coming hard at the leaders of Israel. It's quite a vivid description of just how awful these leaders and false prophets were. But why do we care because this passage (Micah 3:1-8) doesn't apply to us--right? Well hold on there, I challenge all of us to consider otherwise.

We may not be leaders of a country, but all of us have the power to influence.Think about it--parents, grandparents, supervisors, Bible study leaders, sports team captains, even through our friendships we lead and influence.

So with that in mind, what should we do with these verses? What warnings are there for us as we work at being a spiritual leader in various settings? Tami W.

May 21st

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Did you read Micah 2:6-13?

The tough stuff just keeps coming and nobody wants to hear it. We're finishing Micah chapter 2 and we see the people in denial, totally rejecting Micah's message of judgment--with an attitude. But Micah responds with this "If you would do what is right, you would find my words comforting."(vs.7) All I could think was, No kidding. That makes so much sense. It reminded me of when I was a kid and I'd do something wrong and then be ticked because I got disciplined. Well, if I had just obeyed in the first get the picture.

So as you read your Bible and take part in Powered by 4, how are you finding, or in what way do you find, God's words comforting? And what about when we're reading hard stuff like this week in Micah? Tami W.

May 20th

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Power and wealth. We want them, may even crave them, but how should we handle them if they happen to come our way?

You've probably heard the saying "Might makes right." What are your thoughts on this statement after reading Micah 2:1-9? Tami W.

May 19th

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Depressing, sad, gloomy, heartbreaking... Those are just a few of the emotions that stir within me as I read Micah 1:8-16. So if that's what I feel, what do you think Micah was feeling and experiencing? Can you imagine delivering these prophesies of judgment to your country and its people? Not a pleasant job. Yet through it all Micah was absolutely tuned in and obedient to God.

So what can we learn from Micah (the prophet, not the book)? How can we use what we see in our everyday lives? Tami W

P.S. Just a reminder that Dr. Kroll is teaching from Micah right now on Back to the Bible. Check it out.

May 18th

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What's a seven chapter book tucked away towards the end of the Old Testament? Hint--it's written by a simple prophet and could be referred to as a book of doom. I'm talking about Micah and that's where we're turning for our readings for the next couple of weeks. The message of Micah is hard hitting but at the same time also shows us a holy, forgiving and merciful God.

Our first reading (actually our first few) will put things in context. It's heavy, but I encourage you to jump in. As you're reading think about this: What message(s) do you see in these verses and how can we apply them today? Tami W.

P.S. This week on Back to the Bible Dr. Kroll is starting a brand new two week series on Micah. It is excellent teaching so how about joining us? You can listen, watch or read online at your convenience. I'm telling you, it's good stuff.

May 17th

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I'm a upbeat kind of gal :-) so I absolutely loved this reading (Psalm 119:161-176). It is so praise focused. I couldn't keep from smiling when I read "seven times a day I praise you" (verse 164), and then "my lips will pour forth praise" (verse 171) and my favorite, since I'm a singer, "my tongue will sing of your word" (verse 172).

Have you praised the Lord yet today? How so? I'm shooting for that seven times. Wanna join me? Tami W.

P.S. Now that we've finished Psalm 119, take a few minutes and read it through from beginning to end just to get the full impact. It's pretty amazing.

May 16th

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Morning, noon, night--what work best for you? For the longest time I would read my Bible in the evening. People would always tell me to try first thing in the morning but I resisted--heartily. I am NOT a morning person and I was just sure that reading in the morning would be awful. Well I was wrong. A couple years ago I decided to try reading at breakfast time because I was struggling to get my reading in at night. I was shocked because I absolutely loved it. So when I read Psalm 119:147 where it talks about rising before the dawn, it made me smile.

So I'm curious, what time of day or night works for you and your schedule? When do you meet with God? Tami W

May 15th

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How's your passion? Because I'm wondering a little bit about mine after reading Psalm 119:129-144. The power and emotion behind the words in these verses stopped in my tracks. How passionate am I really about God's commands, His promises?

So here's my prayer for me and for you today:

Lord, I want to seek your face. Give me and all of us doing P4 a passion for You and Your Word like we've never experienced before. We love you, Lord. Amen.

Have a great day and, in case I haven't said it lately, thank you for being part of Powered by 4! Tami W.

May 14th

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Today's reading is Psalm 119:113-128.

Newsflash--Christians are different!! But why do we approach life so differently? I can think of a number of things, but what really jumps to the forefront is that we have HOPE. As I read Psalm 119:113-128 today (Thursday) I kept coming back to verse 114. It's a great verse. "You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word."

Think about that for minute. What does hoping in God's Word mean to you? (How, when, where, why--you get the picture.) Tami W.

May 13th

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Psalm 119:97-112

You've got to go to the source. If you want wisdom and you're wondering where to go to find it, here's some good news. It's readily available, and it's FREE!

Psalm 119:97-112 plainly lays out that the instruction we receive through God's Word is far superior to anything else out there. Psalm 119:98-101 tell us in a variety of ways that God's Word (statutes, precepts, laws, commandments, regulations) is the main thing we need to navigate our lives. All we need to do is read God's Word and apply it.

So you'd think I'd be all over this free offer, right? Well.......I am, but if truth be told, I could do better. This week for example, I've been distracted by gardening, even sleep and a couple of work assignments. So what distractions challenged you? What will you do to make sure they don't get in the way next week? Tami W.

May 12th

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Psalm 119:81-96

Three simple words. Three important words. Three words that will change your life forever. What am I referring to? "I am yours." (Psalm 119:94) I first said those words when I was 8 years old as I knelt by my bed with my mom and asked Jesus into my heart. But that was just the beginning. Over the years I've said "I am yours" to the Lord tons of times. In fact, I just had one of those special heart-to-heart talks with God about a week ago. It felt so good to just tell God once again from my heart that I am fully committed to Him.

So have you had any "I am yours" conversations with God recently? How did it go? Care to encourage us with some outcomes or details? Tami W.

May 11th

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Psalm 119:65-80

"Please discipline me, God. Please correct me!"

I don't know about you, but that's not a request that I put before God. I mean, yikes! Yet in Psalm 119:65 we see that correction, affliction, discipline (whatever you call it) is helpful and even as hard as it is, necessary. Look at verse 67; "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your Word." That's huge, isn't it?

How have you benefited from correction or discipline? And personal experiences you could share? (Please remember to use discernment!)

Tami W.

May 10th

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Psalm 119:49-64

Hot Indignation -- have you had that emotion recently? Psalm 119:53 stopped me in my tracks. It made me think about my reaction to sin. It convicted me. I was surprised at how accepting (no-indignant) I tend to be about sinful things...sinful people...our sinful world. Calling sin "sin" isn't P.C. you know (ouch!).

How do we stay awake to the evil of sin and develop a righteous indignation that honors God? Any ideas? Tami W.

May 9th

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Psalm 119:25-48

Are you asking God for enough help? As I read Psalm 119:25-48, I couldn't help but notice how the Psalmist asks several times for God to help or assist him in understanding and applying His Word. (verse 26 "teach me your statutes;" verse 27 "Make me understand the way of your precepts;" verse 34 "give me understanding").

People say the Bible is too hard to understand. Maybe that's because we're trying to read it from our own understanding and strength. Yes? No? What do you think?

Tami W.

May 8th

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Psalm 119:1-24

I was blown away today (Friday) with Psalm 119:1-24. I've read this Psalm a bunch, but as I read it this morning I couldn't believe how many times these first 24 verses mentioned God's Word. Take another look. In the first 8 verses alone we see God's law, his testimonies, his ways, precepts, statutes, commandments and righteous rules. So what that tells me (in addition to what the text is actually saying) is that God's Word is vital and should be foundational for everything we do and are. Do you agree?

I decided to pray a little part of Psalm 119 for my Friday. Here it is. It's verse 10."With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments!" Did you find a verse that spoke to you? Which one and why? Tami W.

May 7th

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Daniel 9:1-19

I have a confession to make -- I don't pray for this nation and its leaders nearly enough. : (

That's why I'm so thankful that we have a day dedicated to praying for our nation and its leaders. That day is TODAY, May 7, the National Day of Prayer. In our scripture passage in Daniel 9, we see Daniel praying mightily for his nation. What an example.

So how about joining me in praying for your nation (wherever that is) and its leaders today? When you're finished, take 10 seconds and drop me a quick note letting me know that you prayed. Let's follow Daniel's example and take advantage of the awesome privilege we have to pray for our country!

May 6th

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John 17:1-26

What an amazing look at the heart of Jesus. Jesus' prayer in John 17 is so passionate and comprehensive. It conveys so much and reinforces my faith and acting on it. It spoke to me in a number of ways and that generated more than a few questions like: Am I glorifying Jesus through my life? Are non-believers seeing Christ and believing because of me? (I'm still processing these BTW.)

So did John 17 get you thinking too? What about? Tami W.

May 5th

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Mark 14:32-40

Sometimes I go back and forth about how much I should ask God for when I pray. Do you ever do that? I know I should put my requests before Him, but then again, I want to be careful because I don't want to approach God with the wrong attitude. I need a balance and some perspective, and that's exactly what I get from Jesus' prayer in Mark 14:36.

What do you see Jesus do here after he expresses his desire to His Father? What do you learn from that? Tami W.

May 4th

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Matthew 6:7-15

We learn it as children, sing it to music and recite it at various church functions. What am I talking about? The Lord's Prayer found in Matthew 6. So have you read it, said it or thought about it lately? This is such a familiar passage that there's a real danger that we'll just skim over it and never really consider or understand how powerful Jesus' words and his example are for us.

So has the Lord's Prayer played a part in your past? Read it again. What does it mean now? Tami W.

May 3rd

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Titus 3

Yesterday (Saturday) we talked about being zealous for good works. Today (Sunday) we see some more on good works. Titus 3:1 instructs us to be "ready for every good work" and Titus 3:8 says we should be "careful to devote ourselves to good work." It's pretty clear that doing good works as a follower of Christ is important. So once we're ready and devoted, how do we stay that way week after week, month after month or year after year? Tami W.

May 2nd

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Titus 2

What are you passionate or enthusiastic about? I'm pretty enthusiastic about a number of things--music, golf, flower gardening, dachshunds and, of course, my sweet husband. That's all good and fine, but first and foremost, God wants us to be passionate for Him and demonstrate that in the way we live out our lives. Titus 2:14 says Christ "gave himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for himself a people for his own possession who are zealous for good works."

So what does being passionate for Christ and zealous for good works mean to you? How does it play out practically in your life? Tami W.

May 1st

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Titus 1

It's practical and powerful. What am I talking about? That little book of Titus. We dive in today (Friday) and we're done by Sunday. Chapter 1 is all about church leadership. There are good guidelines there that we can grab onto even if we're not in a leadership role in our church. But what stood out to me in Titus 1 was the importance of discipleship. We see discipleship in Paul's relationship with Titus, with Titus helping direct the church in Crete and again with church leaders "instructing others in sound doctrine." Christians aren't meant to be lone rangers. We need to be connected with a body of believers where we can be nurtured and taught but also help disciple others as well.

As I look back over the years, I'm amazed at how much I've benefitted from mentoring and discipleship. What's your experience been? And if you're in a discipling role now, how about helping us with some examples of what that looks like? Have a good weekend! Tami W.

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