April 29th

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Psalm 59

David was anything but a wall flower. In fact, he was quite the communicator. I never cease to be amazed at how boldly he speaks to God. (see Psalm 59:11-13, for example) No matter what the situation, he seems to tell it like it is and doesn't beat around the bush asking for what he wants. Yet, in the middle of all this candid communication David always recognizes who God is and gives Him reverence and praise. A good example.

David's way of communicating with God is a good indicator for us about his relationship with God. We don't typically speak to someone so freely unless we know them and trust them. So that led me to ask "How do I communicate with God? And what does that tell me?" Well, sometimes my communication with God is right on. But other times, it's too me focused. So I need to work on that. How about joining me? Ask yourself these questions and then tell me what you come up with. Tami W.

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Tami, when we speak to God, like David, when we pour out all our needs and desires, does that not automatically make it "me focused?" I realize that we must always sing our glory and praise to God, yet to ask for something that we need, as He instructs us to do seems like me focusing. Could you please expound on what it is you are saying? Thank you and God Bless You.

good questions - and good perspective... "communication with God is a good indicator for us about our relationship with God..."

this has caused me to really think things over - I can be pretty attention deficit when it comes to talking to God. As a stay at home mom of 4 small children, a good chunk of uninterrupted time just doesn't seem to be there - so therefore I don't try and make excuses for the lack of good communication. something I need to work on for sure.

I believe communication with God should be like a child to his/her Father. We need to bring our needs before God, but when we tell Him what He should do about them, then it is me focused. I know best is the wrong attitude to have with God. We need to have the focus of Jesus in Gethsemane. We need to pray "Thy Will Be Done!" and mean it. I look at how my kids take my request and instructions, do I take God's requests in the same manner or do I willingly accept all He gives. I believe God is big enough to handle all my Why's in life,but I need to accept His Will in those Why's.


Thanks for the question. Here's what I was getting at. When I talk about being "me focused" it doesn't mean that I shouldn't put my requests before the Lord. God wants us to talk with him about our needs and desires. So what I'm referring to is that my attitude isn't correct. Remember how I mentioned David always recognizing who God was? Well when I get into the "me" mode I'm skipping over the "who God is" part and just worrying about Tami. When that happens my prayers sound like a laundry list and I'm approaching God almost like a vending machine instead of the awesome Creator, Father, Provider, Protector, Savior, etc. I hate it when I find myself doing that, so I try to start all my prayers with God FIRST, then confession and finally or last, my needs. When I follow that format, I find that I feel a closer connection with God than when I just jump right to the "I wants or I needs." Hope that makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try again. And, thanks for blogging today. Tami W.

These are all great thoughts. The one thing I admire the most about this Psalm is the last few verses. David is saying he will sing and praise the Lord. David often does that. He reminds himself, his soul, to praise the Lord. This is a great way to end and begin our prayers. That way perhaps we can stay more in line with God's will for our life. That also helps us keep perspective on the situation.


I just want to say thanks to you, Dr. Kroll, and all the good folks at Back to the Bible for your all that you have done, and are doing to provide such tremendous teaching resources to us on-line at the BTTB website.

God is building my spirit up in a very real way through His Word and I am finding that using the format and various helps on the site is most enjoyable! I also recently sent out a link to NotReligion.com to many of our friends who either have children or work with youth. What a great resource!

God Bless you as you carry on in His Mighty Name!


Doug S.

Hi Tami,
I believe that God knows all of my thoughts, and I communicate that way a lot. Making sure I take time to listen is important to me. I enjoy just talking with him, like father son chats. I also pray what I call a more formal prayer in which I praise Him for who he is, and what Jesus has done for us. Using his written word in prayer is also important to me. He knows us, and I am trying to get to know him better. Studying with P4 is helping me a lot and I praise God for this ministry.

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