March 26th Daily Discussion

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The reading for today (Thursday) is Romans 9:1-29.

Come on--this doesn't sound fair! Romans 9 is hard. That's why you really need to go back and look at Romans 8:28 before you jump into Chapter 9. Then as you read Chapter 9, remember that God's ways are not ours. He is in control. He has a master plan and that plan (even if we don't understand it) is ultimately for our good. Tami W.

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This passage is very central to the reason we can boldly and confidently call ourselves the "Isreal of God"...the chosen ones since we have become the Children of God "not by flesh" but by promise. His Mercy endures for ever and His promises are without repentence. He has chosen us, He will keep us and show us mercy.

I wanted to start out this morning with a very warm and big thank you to Tami and Allen for this great venue for study and feedback. Allen, thank you for your help in yesterday's post. I left you a thank you there!

I truly believe God is always in control and while during difficult times (that I know I'm personally having) it's easy to forget that simple act of grace and mercy. How encouraging are the words brought to life from God in the greatest, most inspirational book in history! It's truly life's instruction manual.

This was a difficult passage for me to follow. If I had not heard Dr. Kroll's message this morning, I might have been a little lost. But, I did hear it, and was able to understand better. Isn't this a wonderful thing - to have your own personal bible study going on, with feedback and exchange, right in the comfort of your home?! I again, and also, thank you for this! God bless all of you today!

Hi Tami-

I have a friend that says she cannot believe in a God who would set someone up to destroy them. So often I have heard when people refer to God, "That's NOT fair!" What is not fair, is that one Who had never sinned left a regal throne, perfect love and worship to be tormented, abused, ridiculed, beaten, lied about and sentenced to death in the most horrifying way for that which He had created to have fellowship with in a world He created for them to have stewardship and dominion under His leadership. Now, that's NOT fair!

People always look at the negative aspect of it. A friend reminded me one time that not one of us is righteous, so all of us deserve destruction. When I look at it in that aspect, I can see God's great mercy. Out of all the multitude destined for destruction, God has chosen a few to have mercy on and extend His grace to. I would have wiped the board clean and started over, but not God. His heart still aches for His creation. In that vast sespool of mankind He placed His Son to become flesh like our own to be tromped under foot so He could clean a few up and adopt them. That's a very deep love for something that can never deserve it.

I am very greatful to be one of His adopted children and to be called according to His purpose and His love. I can never make myself 'good enough'. God picked me up out of my sespool, cleaned me with the precious blood of Christ and called me His own. In that love I can reach out to others and extend the Gospel to them. It is not my job to save them, for I am not the Savior. It is the Father's job to draw them to Christ. It is only my job to tell the Good News. The Spirit's job is to convict. God's plan is perfect and He is just and righteous. When I remember that, it is I who am not fair, God is always fair. I must readjust my attitude and view it from an all perfect God's view.

A love I never could deserve or earn was granted to me by a God I spurned through the loins of Adam. I could not draw near to God on my own. "Joh 6:44 No one is able to come to Me unless the Father Who sent Me attracts and draws him and gives him the desire to come to Me, and [then] I will raise him up [from the dead] at the last day." Amplified vers. How awesome is that! I owe my everything to Him. He is a most gracious God.

I Find the word of the Song that is below helping me move out of my comfort zone.
Trusting the Lord More as i move away from my fleshly desires and "out to sea" so to speak. Toward Gods will for me.
Knowing that the Holy Spirit will comfort me, Guide me, and teach me along the way.

Standing on the shoreline, looking out to sea
At oceans of Your hopes for me, just beyond my reach
I've been here on this island for way too many years
A prisoner of my comfort, a slave to my own fear
Doubt is saying got to stay
Faith is saying sail away

I know it's safe here on the shore
But freedom is worth dying for
Liberation comes to those
Who hear the truth and sail with you
I'll go where you are calling me
I'll be what you meant me to be
I know the risk is real, but I wanna feel
The freedom of the sea

With eyes to the horizon, mist against my face
I'll leave behind this island in Your abounding grace
With Your word as my compass I'll chase my destiny
For I know the words of Your will can set my spirit free
Doubt is saying got to stay
Faith is saying sail away


Doubt is saying got to stay
But I'm taking up the anchor
Faith is saying sail away
And I'm heading for the deep


The freedom of the sea....
The freedom of the sea....

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