March 17th Daily Discussion

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Tuesday's reading is Romans 5:1-13.

If you are in the middle of difficult times, heads up - you can REJOICE! (See Romans 5:3) None of us look forward to difficult circumstances, but they happen. We can either focus on God and be joyful in what He offers, or we can try to control the situation ourselves and be...well, something else.

I experienced this first-hand when my husband got cancer. Just a year and a half earlier I had lost my dad to cancer. My first thoughts were Jeff is going to die too. I was scared. I had watched my father's decline and sat with him through his suffering. I did NOT want Jeff to experience that. And, I thought Jeff would die and I would be left alone. Due to several other circumstances at the same time, it felt like everything in my life was crashing down.

But, praise God, He helped us recognize that although we were not in control, He was. At that point, we left the need to fix it behind and trusted our future to God. The next year was tough and painful, but God walked hand-in-hand with us. Looking back, God used Jeff's cancer to work in and through us. Our relationship with God (and with each other) grew in leaps and bounds. We both chose to rejoice in spite of the difficulties and that opened the door for us to share Christ with others. It just goes to show that with God all things are possible.

So whatever you are going through today, remember, God knows. You can rely and rejoice in Him. Tami W.

P.S. If you have a prayer request, send it in. We'd love to pray for you.

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Good Morning Tami,

Thank you so very much for sharing.
I rejoice with you also, in the Challenge you faced and how you trusted God. Thank you again for sharing what you learned which is monumental.
As for prayer, thank you for asking. My family and I need prayer. The challenges ahead look so large in the natural. The list is so vast only God knows what is the most important. I know that there are many who needs prayer. (A person I work with, Odell had a test taken last week. He got the results back yesterday.They came back positive prostate cancer. He is going in for a pet scan to look for any other. Odell has been since 1994 and still is a Godly inspiration for me. They said it was in the early stages. He told me this morning that he knows the great physician and trusts in him.)
Remembering that my Brother had cancer back in 1997 and was told that he had 3 months to live. By Gods grace, prayer and Chemotherapy it went into remission and never came back.
Our God is an awesome God!

Reading this passage today reminds me of the persecuted church and the joy that the persecuted church has, versus what we see in modern American churches. Most Christians I know aren't that happy and tend to grumble a lot when they are having issues. Which I know is natural, but I think we could all stand to learn from the persecuted church.

Tami, thanks for sharing again about what you and Jeff went through, I'm going to assume that's Jeff in the picture :) - and it is amazing how when we travel through a trial such as cancer, the Lord uses it to mature us and grow us up. Just like these scriptures say, '3 More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, 4 and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, 5 and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us."

We can testify to that being true in our lives.

The rest of today's reading is awesome to think on, because I can't imagine anyone dying for me in the first place, and yet to know Jesus did so we don't have to die is amazing.

Today's reading is so timely. I just received word yesterday that a 56 year old friend has 18-24 months to live, diagnosed with bone cancer. She has always been a beautiful, inspiring woman of God. She is choosing to embrace the life she still has now, continuing to work as an elementary school librarian. She spends time writing letters to her baby grandchildren & even to ones that may come after she is gone. Her joyful acceptance of the days God has numbered for her shows her understanding that character is developed by endurance and the hope of God's glory to come. I am not saying we won't or shouldn't miss her or be sad. That's appropriate and part of the experience too, the suffering that produces endurance.

Thank you for sharing that story Tami. It is both encouraging and true :)
Yes, I have a prayer request (or three!).
I am a widow with a 16 year old son. (right away, you probably have a clue!)
1) Pray for him. He's a good kid, good grades, but is doing the 'God-resisting' thing. 'He's in your mind, ma'
2) Pray for me. I need strength re: my son. Also, direction regarding income-making stuff.
3) Also, strength & direction re: searching colleges, etc. in the upcoming months (stressful)
Thanks much :)

I want to thank all of you (Jerry, Anita Louise & Janet) for sharing your prayer requests with me and the rest of the P4 family. I love that we can help carry each other's burdens and lift our brothers and sisters up to God. Please know that we at Back to the Bible are praying for each of you in your time of need.

Tami, I hope it's not too late to get into the request line. I work until pretty late most evenings and leave early so it's been a challenge to stay up with everyone. If I comment I'm usually not posted until the next day, when you start a new blog. I'd like to request prayer for my three sons and their spouses. The oldest who claims Christianity, but shows no evidence. The middle son who doesn't even try to pretend. He openly admits that he's afraid he'll lose all(wife) if he lives for the Lord and the youngest who is a committed believer, but struggles with pride and rebellion. He and his wife are attending a seminar for couples this weekend. I'm asking God for a break-through. I can only pray, and there are many times I have no idea what to ask for, but the Holy Spirit knows and our Lord Jesus knows. I just ask that you lift them up as well. Thank you. There is so much power when we stand together.

Yes, Stacy, you are correct. The guy in the picture with me is my husband, Jeff!

TR, it's never too late to send us a prayer request! Thanks for sharing about your sons. I can tell your heart is burdened for them. We will surely be praying for them here at Back to the Bible. Tami W.

For those who are engaged in any kind of struggle, it is strengthening to us when we daily remind ourselves that grace triumphs!

Hi Tami,

From my earlier posts, you may recall that we are going through something quite similar, with myself just having been diagnosed with cancer, and my mom just having died after a long battle against cancer. My progonosis is not good, but this simply forces me (and my family) to accept the fact that it is all in God's hands, and that this isn't a bad thing. God's will may not be what we would prefer, but He knows best.

For years, perhaps even most of my life, I have often prayed that when my time comes, I would not have to go through a great deal of suffering. Now, it looks as if my desire was totally out of phase with God's Plan for my life, so maybe my desires pointed to some weakness that needs correction. One thing for sure, and that is that God's answers to our prayers don't always come in the form we expect.

Being able to accept that even the worst pain or greatest loss is consistent with God's Plan for us, and is for not only the greater good, but also for our own good, is extrememly important when we go through times like this.

Thanks for sharing your own experiences in this area with us.


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