March 16th Daily Discussion

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Monday's reading is Romans 4:13-25.

How's your faith today? Is it anything like Abraham's? Romans 4:20-21 tell us that Abraham never wavered concerning the promise of God, and that Abraham was "fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised." How incredible is that?

So if your faith is solid, how'd you get to that point? And, if it's not, how can you work on that? Happy thinking (and blogging)!!! Tami W.

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I think for me, I attained that solid faith in Christ mostly through the proof the New Testament affords us. I suppose for much of my life I could probably have been considered alot like the apostle Thomas in that I always needed that solid proof. I was just too busy to actually go to scripture and find if for myself. Now that I've spent so much time in the Word, it is all so clear. I love the hard facts that history brings to the table, and wow, does His book do that for us or what!? I’m very often amazed at how deftly the enemy kept the Word out of my life for so long...

I get stuck on this one a little because of Abraham's temporary lack of faith demonstrated when he went to Hagar and conceived Ishmael.
At this point he was not believing that God would fulfill his promise to him. However this passage says he never lost faith.

I guess if its OK to go through bouts of doubt and still be seen by God as one who never lost hope in His promises, that is encouraging to me, but also a little confusing.

As Brian, I also was thinking of the Hagar/Ishmael thing (especially because yesterday's church sermon was around that!). I think that a lot of it, though, concerned Sarai's lack of faith. Although Abraham went along with it.... But I think Brian's last thought is a wonderful thought :)

Getting back to the question... :)
My faith has increased MUCH seeing how 'faith-ful' God has been to ME!! At the beginning of my walk (almost 30 years ago), He supplied a large financial need... I asked, fasted as I knew how, and BANG! Right on schedule!
More recently, when my husband passed away due to 'bad stuff', the ways God carried me through, and still does after 3-1/2 years, is AMAZING! The blessings, one after another, are countless. How can I not have faith?

True: Abraham never wavered concerning the promise of God, I really don’t want to waver, and know that I can build my house on the Rock.

But, yesterday I felt the shaking of a storm blowing and hitting against me at least 3 times. It caught my attention, and I found myself watching the storm, (entertaining my feelings, and my thoughts, my Fleshly nature ) and I responded incorrectly. Like a baby crying when uncomfortable. I do thank God for the ( Seat Belt ) restraint of the Holy Spirit which kept me from going too far, and for my wife ministering ( Coming along side giving me additional strength ) to me later in the day. This reminded me of the word that was in me.
Not sure if the following is helpful or not, and may be a little off the subject.
In looking back to learn from my experience, I find that I am weaker when I push myself physically. Especially if my emotions are on edge. I need to be more aware of things that can run me down physically and emotionally. I do know to wear a coat when I go outside on a cold day for protection. All in all, I am contributing this to a training exercise. Jesus is building his team and I am not giving up. Glory to God

I must always remember what James says when I think about works vs. faith, because I have a tendency to keep faith stashed away for rainy days, and not really have much of a prayer life, Bible life, or witness life. Sure, I have the saving faith that will get me to heaven, but I want to have the mountain-moving faith that heeds God's call in every area of my life! I heard Chuck Missler at my church yesterday, and he is one great motivator! I sure thank God for Pastor Kroll's desire to get us to read the Word on a daily basis, because it has really changed my daily perspective. Yes, Jerry, Glory to God.

Faith began the moment I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Since that day He has built my faith daily. In my days of doubt, in the times I have walked away, in my sorrow, joy, all things He has built my faith. And I know without a doubt He will continue. He has built my faith through His precious word, through my trials and tribulations, through each person He has allowed in my life.

His love is written, engraved, upon my heart. My faith comes from the One Who loved me and you first! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

May He continue to do His good work in all of His children!

How I got to this point?
Nothing less than the grace and patience from the Lord Himself.
From my agnostic days to a life of faith in the One True God, there is nothing i take credit for or give credit to except for what Jesus Christ has given and I will sing of His love forever.

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