February 23, 2009

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Over the next couple of days we'll be finishing Luke 22: 47-71 (Judas betraying Jesus, Peter's denial and Jesus before the Jewish Council).

Usually when we look at this portion of Luke 22 we focus on Judas and Peter. But here's what I did today, and I'm asking you to do the same. I thought about and focused on Jesus in the middle of these terrible circumstances. I asked myself What do you think Jesus was experiencing emotionally, physically and spiritually at this time? Now I have to be honest, answering those questions was painful emotionally because it caused me to put myself in Jesus' shoes, and it felt awful. Even so, it was good for me. Then, I had to address the really difficult question: What can I do or put into action today in my life and circumstances to model Jesus? I'm not done working through this one yet. But, as usual, God has already put a couple of things on my heart that I need to think about as I navigate through life today and this week. (Thank you, Lord!)

So I hope you'll join me in this exercise today. It was moving for me, so I'd love to hear if it was helpful for you and, as always, what you found. Tami W.

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I have a prayer request...I have a 20 year old son who just got his first car and he just graduated from technical school...he got a great job and my request is he has met some ppl who are real party ppl at his job and we (his family) are worried about him because he has been drinking and driving. I would like so much if yall would hold him up in prayer, and ask God to give him wisdom to do the right thing before something happens.

thank you


Thanks for letting us know about your son. What a difficult situation for your entire family. Please know we will be praying for your son as well as you and your family.

Tami W.

I have a request as well. My daughter has been without work for several weeks now and has been diligently applying in her field as a Medical Assistant. She has had some interviews, but so far nothing has resulted from it. She is a Christian, and would greatly appreciate your prayers, as would I. Thanks! Tom (Indianapolis)

Tom, we at Back to the Bible will be praying for your daughter's job search. Thanks for letting us know. Tami W.

i have a grandson that is saved, and in college is doesn't have enough money to go any farther in college, he is great in basketball, and he has some scout looking at him. please pray that God will open up the right door for him. His name is donnell.


We appreciate you sharing about your grandson. Please know that the Back to the Bible staff will be praying for him. Tami W.

I am a little confused. Jesus told the disciples that, though before he provided for their every need, they should take whatever they felt they needed now - including the 2 swords. This seems contrary to what he says in the garden after the soldier's ear is cut off by Peter, and Jesus discourages further violence. I would understand if the point of "taking what you feel you need" would be to prove that all you really need is Jesus (and that all else is really impotent, in light of what's to come especially), but it's almost like he tells them one thing and then stops them from doing what he set them up to do??? Maybe the test of Peter's faith included submitting to what Jesus was resigned to do in the garden, instead of acting like his hot-headed self and striking the soldier! I like the veiled reference to Judas and his betrayal ("let the one who has a moneybag take it"). I never saw that before today. I am assuming he wasn't encouraging Judas to do it - that this was merely a rhetorical statement made after Judas had already left the upper room; otherwise, he would be encouraging Judas to sin! (that wouldn't fit Christ's character.) ...............here's a question: was Jesus praying beforehand for Judas' test of faith like he did for peter? Doesn't he do the same for all of us? My guess is yes!! But we need to make that choice to withstand the temptation with the power of Christ. .................... Sorry to blog so much, but it actually helped me. Thanks!



Tami passed your question on to me, so hopefully you find this helpful.

When Jesus sent out the seventy two (some translations say seventy) in Luke 10, Jesus was still a very popular rabbi. His followers would be treated with respect. They could look to the good will of those with whom they spoke to supply their needs. But by the time we get to Luke 22, the situation had changed drastically. Jesus was a hunted man. In only a short time, He would be arrested and crucified. His change in instructions reflected the change in the situation. Instead of being welcomed, His disciples could expect to be persecuted and rejected the same way as their Master was.

The reference to the sword in Luke 22:36 was not to be taken literally. As the quotation in verse 37 indicates, "And he was numbered with the transgressors," he was to be considered a criminal and his followers dangerous rebels. Unfortunately the disciples didn't get it--and they took Him literally so they said, "Look, Lord, here are two swords." It must have really disappointed the Lord that His true meaning went right over their heads.

Did Jesus pray for Judas? The "you" in Luke 22:31 is plural, meaning that Satan demanded to have all the disciples. But Peter, as the ringleader, is in particular danger. So Jesus' prayer was for all of them, but especially for Peter. Did that include Judas? Perhaps. But Judas' fate was sealed before this event took place, so it's really not possible to tell.

Allen, Biblical Correspondent at Back to the Bible


You ask for us to think about what Jesus went through. I have thought back to times of being betrayed, abandoned, ridiculed, and even abused physically, mentally and emotionally.
This is what keeps coming to mind:

Jesus is innocent. I am not! I am guilty on all accounts. Jesus is not! Yet, I cry for justice, saying it is not fair, I shouldn't be treated this way, and list goes on; however, Jesus willingly surrendered. He willingly took on all of my (our) guilt. He willingly went through such torture so we could have the gift of Salvation, so we could recieve Forgiveness, so we could be reconciled back to our creator...how awesome and mind boggling.

What I went through is but a grain of sand, compared to what my Lord and Savoir was willing to go through. Actually, there is no comparison.

We serve a loving, gentle, kind, compassionate King of King's and Lord of Lord's.

May I and all of us humbly reverenance and serve our Lord and Creator.

In the Precious Name of Jesus, may He bless you all!

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