February 12, 2009

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Well a week ago I told you several of us were heading out to a conference and asked you to pray for us. Thank you for that. I'm happy to report that we are back safe and sound. I'm sure glad to be home again.

At this conference, I had plenty of opportunities and a little more focused time to think about the Lord, my service to Him and my walk. I hadn't really done that kind of an assessment for a while and it was good for me. I came away with a fresh determination to make some adjustments in my life. First and foremost, I need to make sure my focus is always on the Lord and not so much on me. But, because I'm human and of the flesh (as we all are), this will be a constant challenge. (I must always remember it's not about me.) Secondly, it became evident that I need to step it up in my prayer life in a number of ways. So I those are two things I plan to work on over the next days and weeks. (When I got home last night I shared my prayer goal with my husband and have asked him to help me and hold me accountable.)

So are you up for doing a little self check today? Take a few minutes and look at different aspects of your Christian walk. Look for an area, or maybe two, that you could do better at and then think of some ways to accomplish what you need to work on. Then pray about it. If you need to ask for forgiveness for your attitude or inaction in some area, do that first and then ask the Lord to help you as you move forward. Tell a friend or your spouse what you're wanting to accomplish. Let them support and encourage you--maybe they'll even join you. Wouldn't that be cool? And speaking of friends, we'd love to support and encourage you too as you work on and grow in your Christian walk. So let us know what you're working on and how we can help and pray for you. Tami W.

P.S. One last thing, remember to keep reading in Luke over the weekend. I'll turn back to that on Monday.

P.S.S. The picture above is of P4 blogger, Stacy, and myself. Both of us attended the National Religious Broadcasters convention and were able to meet.

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Hey Tami,

Nice to see you here (LOL) and good thoughts. Plus it was great meeting you in person at NRB. I, like you, am more convicted to also step up my commitment with the Lord. Time is short and I need to be about His work more diligently and intentionally.

Thanks for your comments on reassessing your life. I am trying to get myself to calm down. Focus on one thing at a time. Also, try to slow down when I do my Bible reading. I'm getting better at asking myself the "answer" questions - what, why, etc. Thanks for the encouragement that BTTB gives me every day.

I've enjoyed studying and cotemplating and commenting on your blog. I'm in a group study right now going through "lies woman believe and the truth that sets them free". Making it personal and talking it over in a group is really good for me. Studying the bible alone is also very good, I read just afew verses at one time and meditate on that. building my spiritual life daily and acting on it. thankyou for your study and questions!

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