October 9, 2008

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**I mention "P4 in Action" in my video blog, but since the time of the recording, "P4 in Action" evolved into the P4 Blog. So, you're right where you need to be. And to read my thoughts on 1 Samuel 31, click on the comments.

So how are you enjoying first Samuel? I like reading this part of the Old Testament. It provides such a good picture of how things were and what people were thinking and doing at that time. Plus it tells a great story!

In today's reading, 1 Samuel 3, verse 10 really stood out to me. Samuel's response to God is, "Speak, for your servant hears." What a perfect, submissive response to God! As I was reading that verse, my conscience was pricked a little because that wonderful, submissive response isn't always what comes from my heart. I can think of plenty of times when instead of listening for God and what He wanted, I did a pretty good job of telling Him what I wanted and, of course, I was sure that was what He wanted for me too. (Yeah, right!)

Anyway, chapter 3 and particularly verse 10 was a good reminder to me of the need to submit myself daily, or even more often if necessary, to God,. It's so easy to get going a hundred miles an hour and before I even realize it, I'm kind of doing my own thing. That's why I try to start each morning with a prayer where I tell the Lord how much I love Him and that my desire is to serve Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Then I ask Him to help me keep me out of His way. So can you relate? How do you stay in tune with God and what He has for you?

Well, I'd better sign off. I'm sitting in the Detroit airport on my way to visit my sister who is a missionary in Africa but back in the states for a short break. I can't wait to see her! I'll talk with you Monday. Tami W.

p.s. Make sure to watch the video blog for today! We shot it in Israel (Beth-shan) and there's a small challenge at the end for you. So check it out!

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OK, I give up. Where's P4 In Action? I've scoured the website for your challenge question and can't find anything that says P4 In Action. Sorry. Have I missed something?

Hi! I have listened to you but I still have not be able to hear/figure out where I can hear what you have to say after reading I Sam. 31. You
say it that so fast. Do you mind letting me know where I am suppose to go for your comments after reading I Sam.31 ? I have really enjoyed
this time.

Now wouldn't you love to be named Icabod...meaning no glory? (I Sam 4:21) Not to even mention that his father, and grandfather are dead and his mother died while giving him birth. Good grief! I was curious about what ever came of Icabod, but didn't really have any luck. I Sam 14 only mentions him in passing.
And regarding the wall of Beth Shan...that's just gross. But I guess when I think of how we treat each other day, we're not that far off.

**In the video blog for today, I mention "P4 in Action." But since the time of the recording of this video, "P4 in Action" evolved into this blog. So, you're right where you need to be! Sorry about the confusion. I'd love to hear your comments. Tami W.

Just wanted to say this is my first time blogging ever! I officially started the P4 this past week with 1 Samuel. God has been putting it on my heart for a long time now to get back in the bible daily. I am a new mom of 14 months now and my son and daily household chores have been taking priority over time with the Lord. Thank you for starting this ministry. I know it will be a tremendous encouragement in my life and a blessing.

Greetings! This is Dawling Dorothy again! This has been a great plan for those who think they just do not have the time. I called it "Give 4 mins. a day to God". I know that once they stop for 4 min. they will soon see it will stretch to 5, 6, etc. Thanks for this practical taking time for God. Tami - I still have not been able to find where you ask a question about ! Sam. 31. I have listened to 6 - 7 times and just do
not get the place to look. I have also read the sad story in I sam. 31. Now I need to find out what the challenge question is

So I gave you an extra assignment in the video...did you watch? In it, I directed you to read 1 Samuel 31, which mentions Beth-shan, the very spot in Israel where we recorded the video blog.

When I read chapter 31 I couldn't help but notice the "valiant men" who travelled through the night to take Saul's body off the wall of Beth-shan. It wasn't as if Saul was all that deserving of their respect. But still, they rose up and did the right thing...the valiant thing. Well, that small section, verses 11-13, motivated me to stand up and honor someone in my life who isn't all that revered by others right now. Hopefully, by my actions, God will be honored as well.

What about you? Take some time today to think about an action the Lord wants you to take right now. Seek the Lord's direction. Then resolve to be valiant enough to do it.

Let me know how it goes. Tami W.

Hello Tami and all,
What a blessing this website is! We are a group of God's children gathering together in a personal way, at different times, from different places, sharing our love for the One Who loves us. May He be forever glorified. I've been right here, but I haven't left a comment in a while. The responses I got the last time I wrote, overwhelmed me and I cried like a baby. Thank you all so much and God bless you. The search for a home church is still on, but my heart is at peace about it.

Now, regarding this "challenge": I had a situation at work this past week involving someone that I am required to work with at times, that left me hurt and (okay, I'll admit it) angry. Two days later, I was to be teamed with this person again (I am the subordinate) and as I got ready for work that morning, I was grumbling in my heart and feeling sorry for myself. (Why me??") Very clearly the Holy Spirit spoke to me: Even Jesus, in His humanity, pled with the Father to let His cup pass before Him, but He was obedient "unto death". He did what had to be done FOR ME. I felt such remorse and shame. I have determined to do what has to be done to become more like my Lord to glorify Him, because nothing I have ever endured has ever come close to what He did. I will be obedient and praise Him in every situation, knowing that our fight is spiritual and He is the One actually in control. I'm not sure how valiant (in the same sense as the men of Jabesh Gilead) it was, but I held my head up and went to work with the attitude of doing what was right and doing it well FOR HIM. He blessed me for it. :-)

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