October 20, 2008

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Well today I'm writing to you from Bermuda. Yes, I did say Bermuda!! Back to the Bible is hosting its annual conference at the Willowbank Resort and we are recording the Back to the Bible program here all week. (It is glorious here.) Dr. Kroll is teaching from 1 Kings on Elijah. It's a series called Tough Challenges--Hard Choices. We were introduced to Elijah today, and we saw right away that Elijah was faced with some huge challenges. Yet, through all the tough times, he was obedient and faithful--he made the right choices.

That's not what we've been seeing or what we'll continue to see from Saul as we continue reading in 1 Samuel. What a shame. So today, would you take a few extra minutes and go to 1 Kings and read chapters 17-18? Then how about telling me and the Powered by 4 group something you noticed about Elijah and his responses that you can apply in your circumstances moving forward.

The thing that grabbed me today was what was happening in chapter 17 verses 17-22. This is where the widow's son dies and she comes to Elijah for help. In verse 20 it says "Then he (Elijah) cried out to the Lord..." He prayed and asked God to bring the boy back to life. So I asked myself, how often do I "cry out to God" in my prayers? My answer--not enough. It's easy to let myself get a little clinical with my approach to prayer. When I do that, I miss out on the joy of simply pouring my heart out to God. I'm going to work on that as I go through the rest of my week here in Bermuda. Ok, time to sign off. Keep reading your Powered by 4 verses and remember, read 1 Kings 17-18 and tell us your thoughts. You'll be glad you did. Tami W.

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Hi everyone.
Tami, I did read 1 King chapter 17-18. And something that grabbed me today, is found in chapter 17,10-16. (Where Elijah came to the widow, and was asking for a drink, and some food, the widow replied, I don't have enough to give you some, I only have a handful of flour, and some oil, but I was going to make a bread for myself and my son. Elijah said to her, don't be afraid. Go home and do as you have said. But first make a small cake of bread for me, and then go and make some for you and your son. Elijah also said to her, that the Lord, the God of Israel says. That the flour and the oil will not run empty, until it will rain).
The widow trusted Elijah, and did as Elijah had told her to do.

For me, I ask myself, do I really have that faith? To just go ahead and do'it in the name of Jesus, or do I rather hold back in fear. Ok there is far more, but I'll leave the rest for somebody else. For me, in these chapters is a lot to learn, and apply to my own live.
Thanks and God Bless.

For as powerful as the last 1/2 of I Kings 18 is, it's the 2 small previous things that stuck out to me. #1 I Kings 17:13-14 makes no logical sense whatsoever; but it does make God sense. I need to remember this in my life because I like to be logical. Also, the tiny word, "Yet" in I Kings 18:12 made all the difference in this story. The word "but" is the same size. When do I use "but", when I should use "yet"? Something to think about.

Wow! I'm impressed with 1Kings 18:30-39. Elijah had to be thinking, "Lord, this can only be done by You" as he had the people pour water over the wood on the altar and fill the trench. What great faith and confidence in the Almighty. His prayer wasn't so much for God to send down fire as it was for God to glorify Himself.
And this: "...so these people will know that You, O Lord are God, and that You are turning their hearts back again." What a confirmation of the patient, merciful and loving God we serve! (Read the things God's CHOSEN PEOPLE did!!! vv 26, 28 & 29)

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