October 2, 2008

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Well, I'm in Dallas, Texas, through the weekend attending the MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) International Convention. And, no, in case you're wondering I am not a mother of any preschoolers. I'm here as part of a team from Back to the Bible. We are sponsors at the convention and are promoting the importance of getting into God's Word with these moms. One of the key things we're highlighting is Powered by 4. So as we kick off the convention today and continue through the weekend, I have a huge request for you. Would you pray for our Back to the Bible team as we interact with these women? Pray that we would encourage them in their walk with God and at the same time challenge them to be in God's Word consistently. As you all know, that is so important.

MOPS International Convention 2008

So, I'd love it if you'd pray for us but I do have one more request. How about you share with these moms one of the top reasons you read the Bible. As we're introducing Powered by 4 to them, they will be coming and checking out this website. It'd sure be cool for them to see a bunch of comments from y'all (remember, I'm in Texas) about your love of God's Word. So how about it? Drop us a quick comment. Tami W.

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I absolutely love getting a fresh message from God every day! It amazes me that I can read a passage I'm very familiar with and get a new word from God through it. I've found His mercies are new every morning!

I just discovered Powered by 4 a few months ago. As a busy, home schooling mom, I struggled to stay in the Word on a regular basis. The Powered by 4 e-mails have been a huge blessing to me because for the first time in many years, I have been able to have regular Bible study! The blogs are often insightful and encouraging too. I highly recommend PB4 to Moms!

As an empty nester it's been a few years since I've had pre-schoolers around, but looking back I wish I would've had something like P4 to go to. My Bible reading back then was pretty much hit or miss, mostly miss. Of course we hadn't yet entered the personal computer age when my kids were little but I might've taken advantage of this program if we had. It's perfect for busy folks who don't have a lot of extra time & even for those who do have more time, like me. I like that the daily readings are fairly short. Often there is a lot packed into just a few verses & I want to be able to process those principles at a slower pace. The questions for thought really help me to focus on what God has for me to learn from the passage & then apply it to my heart and life. When something especially meaningful & helpful emerges I have a journal that I jot my thoughts down in. I'd encourage all moms to take 5 minutes a day to use this program (really, that's about all the time it takes to read the daily scripture passage). You don't even have to go off by yourself to do it (altho' I advocate time alone too whenever possible to get "recharged" :-)). In fact, let your kids see you using this program, maybe even read it aloud to them. Even if they're too little to understand, you're modeling a very good habit for them. I wish I'd done this with my kids. I know that you and they will be blessed!

Wow, I just discovered P4 earlier this week and love it. I feel as though Tami is a friend that talks right to you through the video.

I have not departed from the commandment of His lips; I have treasured the words of His mouth More than my necessary food".This is not my words but these are the words Job recorded in the Bible. And I belive & pray that all of us should have the same desire, with the word of God. Moms if you have a heart & a desire to study & to ponder the word of God, and not finding enough time Powered by 4 is what exactly you are looking for. Let the generations learn from you, teach them the fear of the Lord as the beginning of their wisdom. May God Bless you all,.

Tami God will use you & the team of BTB, I am praying for you.

I was once blinded to the power of God's Word; Even though I considered myself to be a Christian. Thank the Lord that He opened my eyes to the refreshing, inspirational and invaluable instructions, encouragement, guidance, and protection that He placed in His Word for us!! God's Word is alive and He talks to our hearts through His Word. It speaks Wisdom into our hearts and gives us everything we need to face each day and every situation. My husband and I have noticed that when we don't make time to read God's Word, we are less patient and loving towards eachother; which taught us that God's Word protects us from the effects of the world. When life seems difficult and too heavy to bear, through God's Word, I have learned to believe Christ and all His promises more than my circumstances. My nine year old now sees her parents reading the Bible, and although she would rather read other materials, I can put my trust in the Lord that this lesson will not go unlearned. I will, from time to time, read her a passage and we will discuss it. It's wonderful to see the moment when she realizes that what we just read is applicable to something that she is dealing with. The best quote I have ever heard is this; The Bible is the only book that when you read it, it reads you! God Bless!

I just joined P4 (today is my 1st day) and I'm really excited! I feel this is going to help me to be more consistent in reading God's word.

I look forward to Powered by 4 in addition to DailyBibleVerse.org as part of my study of God's Word. As I said before, the Psalms were especially encouraging. God bless you and Back to the Bible for this ministry.

Praise God for His Love for us.
Thanks Tami for your request, I'm very glad that you've ask us to pray for BTTB, and all the women there. If you wouldn't have ask, we would not have known. Yes, I will pray for all of you there. And for you Moms, I would like to encourage you to read the Word of God daily, as for me, I always say that, when there is a will, than there is a way. For me, I always get up early in the morning so that I will have plenty of time to read Gods Word. And that has really helped me through all the troubles and trials, knowing that God is in control. And for our kids, I do the same, I sit down every morning with them, and then I read the Kids Bible to them, our Kids Bible has also in the end of every story some questians, so they have to answer them as good as they can. I'm always amazed of, how much they kids know already.
Sometimes they will tell me, Mom, we did this story already, but I always tell them, that we can read this story for ever, and we will learn from it each and every time again.
I think it is very important that we start to read to the Kids, while they are Kids, not wait until they are teenagers, And pray for our kids, even before they are born yet.
May God Bless you all in a very special way, and remember God loves all of us. We are all one Body (IN) CHRIST JESUS. Amen.

Hi Tami, I'm so glad you blogged about MOPS. I am a grandma of 4 and counting! My husband of 30 years and I are empty-nesters. I have a deep burden for mothers of preschoolers and am helping our Childrens' Pastor set up care-givers for a once a week Bible study for these Moms. I am praying and ask for your Team's prayers that a number of the other "older" women of my church will step up and help be care-givers for the children of these Moms. I wish there had been something like this for me when I was a MOP! These Moms need to be in the Bible, need time away from the children, and need time to socialize/fellowship with each other. Just think how lifted and loved they will feel each time they are together and when home doing their study work they will know that only a few days from then they can get back together with other MOPs and share and laugh and know that their children are in the next room being taken care of by older godly women. As someone else stated in their blog, what an example for these little children to see their Moms' reading God's word every day.

I have been enjoying Powered by 4 for a few weeks now. I love to read the Bible and study it, but I really need structure and the discipline to get into it everyday. Powered by 4 is giving me the structure, and my own desire, powered by the Holy Spirit, is discipling me. It doesn't take long to read the portions of scripture; it doesn't take long to go over the 3 or 4 questions that Tami gives. I've got a scribbler and write down my answers, but if I don't have time for that, I take a few minutes and just think through the answers. I can't begin to tell you the changes I'm seeing in my own attitudes and behaviour as I read and pray each and every day. Sometimes it's first thing in the morning but sometimes I have to wait til later in the day, BUT, I do it. I just love what Teresa said, "God's Word protects us from the effects of the world." What a great way to put it. I'll bet all the MOPS at the convention will find they go home with a calmer, more loving feeling inside than what they arrived with and this feeling can be theirs every day if they use Powered by 4. Thanks Tami and BTTB. And thanks to our wonderful Lord.

I thought I'd drop a


since Tami asked us to. :) Powered by 4 is one of the best things I get in my email box every single day. Having it there reminds me to get back into the bible and they make it easy for users like me who spend a lot of time online, because they link straight to the scripture - how cool is that!

I love it and am so happy to see so many great people reading a long.

Heavenly Father,

I pray that the You will use Tami and others from the Back to the Bible ministry in Dallas as instruments declaring the value of spending time with You by studying Your Living Word consistently. I pray that the moms and all others who attend the convention will be encouraged in their walk with Christ as He, and only He, is our Keeper. Father, above all else, reign in our hearts and let Your will be done.

In Jesus' name, I humbly submit this prayer.

Hi Tami,

I stumbled upon Back to the Bible after I moved from Dallas to Houston a couple of years ago in the midst of a very challenging season in my life. I found the study session to be very concise and encouraging, which was refreshing for me as I adjusted to the new city. I especially appreciate the questions that are discussed on the show; many of the questions are difficult and tend to go unasked in some bible studies. I signed up for Powered by 4 after hearing about it on the program. I'm really just getting started but I'm already excited and grateful for this tool that encourages me in my constant need for Christ, the Living Water. That Christ died and now we are saved and free -- that brings me so much joy! Well, I still haven't "fell in love" with Houston (I still miss Dallas). BUT, I have to admit that I have found much comfort in listening to Dr. Kroll and the Back to the Bible team as well as other inspirational media on 105.7. I find it a great privilege sharing the Good News of Jesus and how much He loves us and wants us to love each other. Please keep up the good work for the kingdom Tami and others at Back to the Bible. And, please, please tell the women in Dallas that I miss them!

Your sister in Christ,

How exciting!! This is my 1st day/email with Powered by 4 and I cannot wait to receive God's word through this means. I love Woodrow Kroll and Tami - I enjoy listening to the daily radio show every opportunity I get. MOPS moms - enjoy jumping into the Word with all of us! God Bless!!!

I stumbled across BTTB a few months ago. I had finished a daily devotional book, and was looking for something different. Something meaty, Biblically sound, and that would cause a sense of accountability. BTTB has been a perfect fit for me. There have been times, such as now, where I've been away nearly 3 weeks (volunteer in a Christian disaster response team for Hurricane Ike in south east Texas), yet I'm able to get right back into the swing of things with BTTB.

I have a question about today's reading in Gal 5:19-21. Vs 21 says that "those who are like this will not inherit the kingdom of God." There are definately times where I fall and do some of the things (sins) listed in these verses. Yet, I am a Christian and believe I will go to heaven. How do I reconcile this?

Powered by 4 is a wonderful way to keep in the Word. It's there every day in my e-mail, a reminder to me to read scripture.

The questions are thought provoking, and then reading the blogs from Tami and the others confirms and/or stretches my understanding.

I enjoy my daily Bible study and with Powered by 4 is disciplining me to read, study, and also helping to understand Scripture.

It's simple, anyone can take part, anytime of day, there's really no
excuse now.

I am so thankful for Power by 4 because it gives me that extra push I need to stand strong on my faith and walk with God. I'm constantly reminded why I live today and why God choose me. I am blessed and I want to share those blessings with others.

Father, I ask that you continue to bless and strength the faith of Power by 4 team, the ministry team at Back to the Bible and all your sons and daughters who loves you. Father, I ask that as Tami and her team deliver your word to those mothers, that you speak to their hearts. Father, give them that burning desire they need to yearn for more of you. Draw them nearer to you. And Father, I ask that you protect them and shield them for any wrong doings, evil thoughts and impurities that will cause them to lose their freedom that Christ has promised to them. Father, direct those who strayed off the path back on the path, and in to the direction that leads to heaven. I pray that all of us who blog on this site and read our bibles daily, that we be example to those who are lost and seeking a better life. I pray that our words do not push people away. In Jesus name, Amen!!!

Now, the top reason why I read my bible ... it reminds me how much the devil is a lie and that he has no authority over me. God's Word/Promise to us is the same as yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And if you just believe and allow him to be your pilot, you don't have to worry about anything else. His word is our armor ... so when Mother when you need protection, put on the shield God has given you.

Love you all.


All I can say is thank you, thank you for taking the time to come to Dallas Texas to share your information with us.

I love it!!!

I feel so blessed!

I really enjoy the power of 4. It's very exciting to be able spend time with people that love the Lord. Back To The Bible is so great. My prayers are with Tami in her mission in Texas.

Dear Deb:

Thank you for contacting us at Back to the Bible. Tami is not able to personally respond to all of her correspondence, and, because this was more of a theological question, she asked me to respond on her behalf.

Paul is talking in verse 21 about those who practice these sins. In other words, it's not an act of sin, but a habit of sin--a continual, unrepentant, habitual engagement in these sins--that indicates a person doesn't truly have a saving relationship with Christ.

From the evidence of your concern, I would say that you don't fall into that category. God bless!

In Him

Allen Bean
Biblical Correspondent

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