September 29, 2008

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All this week we're reading in Galatians. (This is a great letter, by the way.) One of the key things you'll see in Galatians is Jesus Christ as our Freedom. We hear the phrase "freedom in Christ" all the time in church, and it seems like we (Christians) throw that wording out there plenty. So here's my question for you today, what does freedom in Christ mean to you? What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Send me a blog with your thoughts. Then, as you read through Galatians this week, check what you wrote against what you're reading in scripture. And, check back in with us to see what other people are thinking. That's one of the fun things about the blog.

Now normally I'd blog some of my thoughts about freedom in Christ, but I'm not going to do that today. I don't want to influence or sway anyone's response. I want to get a snapshot, if you will, of what's on your mind. Hope you're having a good start to your week. Tami W.

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You were talking about liberty/freedom. Just like little children, we don't often like boundaries. However, the truth is we have a harder time without them. Children often act out when they don't have appropriate boundaries. God gives us freedom with the boundaries.

To me, Freedom in Christ means that my most dispicable and hated sins are forgiven. Now that I've come to him, all my past has been forgotten. I live for the opportunity to tell others about Jesus so that they too might have the same opportunity. I'm not perfect, but all is forgiven.

I agree with Mike but I want to take it a little farther, yes sins are forgiven, but with Satan trying at every turn to convince you that the path is wrong and when he succeeds we still have the love of GOD, the promise and the Freedom to repent and return to our journey with him.

In complete surrender, with sin forgiven, joint heir with Jesus and the sovereign GOD my Guide I have complete 'freedom' to follow His way and not try to figure out the best way for me when His way is perfect!

For me the freedom in Christ means delivered fro the bondage of satan. that is my position in Christ Jesus, my privilege to call upon the name of The Holy God The Father. This doesnt mean that I have freedom to live the life in whichever way that only pleasing to me. In every thought, in every deed in every word i must be willing to please Him, who pleased His Father in complete obedience to make me free.Praise His Name.

Sorry this is off topic a bit but the P4 introduction page asserts this:
"What are the stats for less than 4 times?
Those who DON’T read at least 4 times a week are much more likely to experience:
• marital infidelity • drug dependency
• financial crisis • emotional sickness
• other undesirable behaviors."
Could you please share your source(s) for that? I have no doubt but that it is true but would like to see the research information if you would be so kind as to allow me to do so. Thank you.

The freedoms we enjoy as children of the Living God are beyond measure. What Christ accomplished on the cross allows us to be forgiven and never forgotten. Further, Christ moved beyond the cross and is the author and perfector of our faith. Through the power of Christ and His blood, no matter what is happening around us, we have the freedom of joy, peace and understanding that God is in control!! Let's face it, if our salvation was left up to us, none of us could stand before God in judgment. The price our Heavenly Father paid allows me the freedom to LIVE a life of joy in this world knowing that because of Christ, I will LIVE in Heaven with my CREATOR!! God be praised!!


Through Christ we are set free from Old Testament law, the law of Moses. We no longer have to bring sacrifices to the Priest for atonement, we are free to go before our Heavenly Father any time day or night. Through Christ's death and resurrection we no longer have to fear death. We are free from the bondage of sin. Praise be to God!!!

Not only did Christ set us free from sin and death, He also gave us His peace, joy, strength and love to endure all things we face in this fallen world.

Glory and praise forever to our Lord and Savior!!!

Freedom in Christ means I do not have to live in fear or worries for what this day or tomorrow may bring. I can stand firm and resist the devil, and he will flee. When he launches an attack on me, I already have all the armor and weapons I will need, and a Commander who protects me from all sides. Things may not look good -- they may indeed appear that disaster is certain -- but I can stand firm knowing that the devil is only creating an illusion "for my benefit" and God sees the real picture. I'm believing in God's reality and His promises, and not what Satan wants me to fear and react to. I am free of fear and reacting to it. God sets me free and makes me to stand firm, even when by all appearances, that may seem or look completely foolish. I'm free to look foolish and not care how I look, and just stubbornly, insistently believe God. And don't I already know from plenty of battles, that God NEVER lets me down? I'm 58 years old. Of course I do!

Freedom in Christ - there are so many ways to describe and discuss the many aspects of freedom Christ affords to those who have given their hearts to him. My thoughts go to boundaries - through God's Word we are given the guide to a godly life. As humans, our parents are supposed to teach us values that help us know what and where boundaries are supposed to be. God, our spiritual Father, has done the same for us through Jesus and his Word. For me it is far easier to live within the boundaries or guidelines Christ set out than it is to live within my human boundaries or lack of. Life outside God's boundaries is slavery and bondage; life within God's boundaries give me God's parameters within which to live a joyous life regardless of what life-situations arise. This is freedom like none other. The freedom to know that I need to do the next right thing, not be out in the world floundering and grasping at things that I think will bring happiness and satisfaction. The only real happiness and satisfaction is living through the freedom that Christ died for on the cross. I found out the hard way that I really had no boundaries for my life and in the end, my way lead to destruction. God removed me from where I was and placed me where I needed to be. He loved me, forgave me, restored me, and redeemed me. Now I have Godly boundaries which give me the kind of freedom I sought for so many years.

I love what Judy H. said about Satan creating illusions for our benefit - illusions are not reality. God is real and his promises are real and that, to me, is where the freedom of Christ is found. Believing and living the truth that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Well I agree with everyone and I feel like My freedom is I need to realize that God is real his word is real and everything about him is real.

God gave us freedom to choose. Freedom to choose life with and in Him and he allows us to make that choice. God gave His son freely and His son freely gave His life for us just as the Shepherd lays down his life for his flock. In so choosing we choose obedience to His Word...just as our children will gladly obey us when we love them unconditionally and without judgment. It's amazing, they will follow us when we set the right path for them based on our obedience to God and the example we set for them.

I have been thinking on the phrase "Freedom in Christ" all day long. I am hung up on the word "Freedom". I think it is more meaningful to say "I am no longer living under the law but under God's Grace". I do not think our society realizes what being a slave to the law really means. We have man made laws, sins of omission & commission. We
all fail to keep them. The Lord came so we do not have the burden of sinning.

Freedom in Christ means that I have the power and the free will to do all things through Christ. It is also my responsibility to exercise that privilege as Christ has commanded me to. It also means that I have to have absolute trust and faith in him that through him all things are possible. But to have freedom through Christ means, I have to give up my life for him and not live my life for this world. Freedom comes with a big responsibility. It's a privilege not a right. I can choose to be a slave to this world, or I choose to have freedom through Christ. I want to be free, so I choose Christ.

This is in response to Mac's question. Glad you asked about why reading four or more times a week is such a big deal.

The source (for our findings) is the Center for Bible Engagement. We have completed almost 50,000 surveys and have discovered this scientifically verifiable result that engaging God's Word four or more times per week significantly impacts your life.

Hopefully that helps you know where we're coming from. Tami W.

This 4 by 4 is excellent and meets a real need for busy mothers and for those you think their day is way too full. "Do you have 4 mins. to give". They all have to shake the head for 4 mins. is hardly anything.

In reading our selection today. I had to smile at the poor Philistines. They could not see God but He was very noticeable & visible even though they could not see him.

"Obedience is better then sacrifice and to harken then the fat rams" The children of Israel could/should of shared with them if you will repent and seek God with the heart he would heal their land. It makes me think of the USA we need to humble ourselves before God and ask him to cleanse us. I fear for the next generation. The one thing that encourages me is all the young people that love God and want to serve him. It looks like we are handing over to them a bucket of worms! BUT GOD

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