September 11, 2008

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First off, I am so excited this week. Why? Because we now have over 5,000 people participating in Powered by 4! That is so awesome!! So thanks for being a part of P4, and keep spreading the word.

Ok, now about our readings this week. As I read Hebrews 10 this morning, the message that we are free in Christ came through loud and clear. Sacrifices, ceremonies, rituals no longer required. We can talk directly to God. We are so fortunate. Don't miss that, and make sure you take advantage of that open access as often as you can.

We'll be moving on to chapter 11 this weekend. It's all about faith. I love all the examples of people of extraordinary faith and the great reminder we get that walking the Christian walk is about just that--faith. It got me thinking about my own journey. I've definitely had some stumbles and falls, but I've had some good, maybe even a couple of extraordinary faith moments, too. One of those moments was a few years back when my husband got cancer. When we first got the news, I cried uncontrollably. Just a year or two earlier I had lost my dad to cancer and my immediate reaction was to assume I'd lose Jeff too. (You know how good we all are at jumping to irrational conclusions.) But then my faith (and my husband's) kicked in big time. Both Jeff and I knew God was in control and we gave everything to him--all our fears, hurts, concerns, you name it. It was a tough next year, watching my precious husband struggle just to get out of bed and many days, just to keep food down. But God provided mightily, and our faith got even stronger. And as you've probably guessed, Jeff is still here and his cancer is gone. I wouldn't want to go through that again, but God was so good to us. We couldn't have gotten through without faith.

I'm guessing that you all have some faith stories too. I'd love to hear them. Or, maybe you're in the middle of something right now and you need a boost in your faith. Let us know and we'll pray for you--both the staff here at Back to the Bible and also our P4 family. Talk with you next week. Tami W.

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Thank you Tami. This is my first email from you with the P4 program and it's timing is perfect. As God's timing always is. I have recently gone through a miscarriage and I'm having a hard time some days dealing with it and thinking of the future. I have been reading my bible looking for comfort, but I still struggle with it. Every day I have to keep reminding myself that it's in His hands. There is a part of me that is very hopeful for the next time around but then those ugly doubts and fears seem to creep up on some days more then others. This blog and reading today was a wonderful reminder for me to keep my head up and my eyes focused on God and that he will prepare the way.

Peace, Love and God Bless,

Isn't it amazing how God opens your heart and eyes to things you need to see (even when they aren't pretty) when you ask Him to.

I'm pretty sure that just about everything we go through comes back to faith and gratitude. I see now how my (lack of) faith and gratitude figures into my need for a church home. I moved to this rather large city eight months ago and still have not found a place I feel I belong. It's hard Sunday after Sunday to still my anxiety and find peace and strength in Jesus enough to walk into another strange congregation and wonder and hope that I'll be accepted. I know we are not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together (Ch 10:25) and it's like a piece of me is missing; I am not whole yet, but it's so easy to find excuses to just not try, even though it affects everything about me. As I sit here and pour my heart out, I feel ashamed but relieved and newly determined. Please pray for me in my search. Thank you for this place of respite and welcome.

Praise God for His Promise to us.
Yes it is that simple, all we need to have, is FAITH IN GOD.
Here is my story, where I once was tested about my FAITH.
At that Time I was only about 10 Years old, when I was at home still.
My Mom has always been a Christian, and a very good Mother to me, but my Dad that is totally a different story. I Love my Dad just as much as my Mom, but strange enough, my Dad would usually never go to church, or try to teach us Kids something good, of what I remember. I remember one Sunday morning when my Mom and Dad had their tea time, us kids were in that same room too. My Dad got sooo very mad at my Mom, and my older Sister, they all got into a very big fight. Even though I knew my Mom was right, I started to get this very strange feelings, something told me to go and PRAY. I then quickly ran in to my room, closed the door, knelt down and PRAYED to GOD for help. I was asking God for immediate answer, and that I did believe that He would answer. Yep, you guessed it. Before I was done PRAYING, everything was quiet, or happy, laughing, you name it. I then got up, went in that room, where they were, everything was OK, as if never anything had happened. Then I went back in to my room, knelt down again and Praised GOD for His Promise. Believe me, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Nobody else knew what was going on. I told my Mom later. Praise GOD Hallelujah.

Thank Jesus for His answers to prayer. I'm currently working on some issues in obedience to God as well as some conviction (what Christian doesn't!), but just about every Word from God communicated to me reinforced that He is working these trials for my good and His glory. However, I need to get other things right with Him and others in order to experience the abundant life He has for me.

Thanks and God bless you!

This is my first day on P4 and I am excited about it. The 3 previous blogs each involved something I could relate to, from Shelon's blog about God's perfect timing and keeping our eyes on God, Toni's message concerning the move and finding a new church, to Suzanna's message about how God showed His Love to her as a young child! Reminds me of Jesus telling us to come to him as a child would, with complete trust. That is an awesome story.
As each of us are, I am also facing a challenge in my life at this time. Trying to seek God's will for my future as a 56 year old. Whether to move 500 miles away, leaving my children and aging (though in good health) parents and extremely close Aunts and Uncles to join my husband of 35 years at his new, not necessarily secure job, or to stay here where I am financially and emotionally secure and only see him for a few days each month, talk on the phone daily and wonder how this is going to work. May I ask for your prayers that God will clearly show me His will.

In 2007 my mother came to live with me in my home. Something that I had prayed for--but the circumstances were not as I had hoped. She came under illness. She had been ill quite a while and her life with her second husband had been abusive the entire time. We found out that she had liver cancer. All the hopes that I had for her to enjoy her life were now going out of reach. There were so many incredible people though to help her in this part of her journey. God kept reminding me that he knew what he had planned for her and I should continue to have faith in him. I was the one who had to let go.......She was everything to me...I miss talking with her terribly and seeing her beautiful smile. I try to remember that she is with her Father and that her smile is beaming for him.

Thanks so much for the message today! I have struggled in my faith walk for many years. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and as a result of those many years of being abused, I fell into a lifestyle as an adult that was just as painful! I found a true peace with Jesus at 29 years old and am so hungry for His Word! I am grateful for ministries like this one that help me to find more of His will for my life! Keep up the good work! You are blessing my whole household!

Thanks for sharing that story, Tami.

Just a note to Shelon and Toni. I'm praying for you today. I am asking God to show Himself near to you and to open your eyes to recognize that. Sometimes that is hard when we are uncertain or hurting. But He loves you so much. I'm praying He will hold you close when you are hurting and give you the wisdom and understanding you need today. Press on.

As I'm thinking about my own journey of faith, I'm so aware of the fact that I don't know how God will bless that faith until I'm on the other side of the struggle. Of course, He's always there sustaining me day by day, whether I see it or not, but it's after the fact that I totally see His hand. My husband and I have made several moves, and each one has been a real time of reliance on God. One time it took several years for me to see anything positive in the move! But God's faithfulness was amazing.

I cannot tell you all enough, how much I am enjoying Hebrews. This is an awesome book. I Love to read every word slow & out loud, as it seems to bless me even more. It's funny how we know what we are suppose to do, during times of trials, yet we still worry and try to figure it out on our own. I have to say I am getting sooo much better at being patient & waiting on the Lord. He has not let me down yet, and don't mean my life is all roses, I just mean I am better at saying, "Hey, I don't know whats gonna happen, but God does & he will take care of it" It is such a comfort, like a big warm & fuzzy blanket, I don't know how else to describe Gods Love & protection over me. & us all. It's just awesome.
Well have fun reading.
Your sister in Christ

Shelon, Toni and Debi--

Thanks for sharing your lives with all of us and for being vulnerable about your struggles. We as a Back to the Bible staff gather each morning to pray, so we will be sure to lift you up in prayer in the coming days. We count it a huge privilege to bring your requests before God! Tami W.

Blessings To All In Christ,

You are all amazing and your faith is apparent. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Toni, I understand what you are going through and pray the Lord will fill you with His peace and ease your anxiety. I too have recently moved and found it difficult to settle in to a new church family. I pray He will guide you to your new church family.

Shelon, I pray the Lord is holding you close and you feel His presence, be filled with His peace and strength.

Debi, my heart goes out to you as well. My move took me away from my daughter, son-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren. Thankfully, the Lord has shown me and/or reminded me He is in control and by trusting Him He will reveal, in His time, His purpose for the changes He has allowed. I still have my days, but, by His grace and mercy they are decreasing.

As mentioned in other blogs, we all have our challenges. What a blessing it is to be have this P4 to encourage us to continue reading our Lord's precious Word! The added blessing is this blog. We have a safe place to share and encourage one another.

Thank you, Tami and Back to the Bible for being obedient to His calling. Praise His Glorious Name!!!

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