August 28, 2008

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So how are you doing with Powered by 4? You know for the longest time, my Bible reading was coming to the Bible, opening it to wherever and reading whatever. This, of course, was anything but consistent and it wasn't very fulfilling. Then I went through a time when I tried a few "read through the Bible in a year" Bibles or plans. I would start and then miss a day here and there and before I knew it, I'd be a couple weeks behind, a month behind, etc. I'd get discouraged and eventually quit. Again, not fulfilling. Then, it really hit me--until I committed to reading, and I mean really reading, not like before, I was never going to get with the program with God. I realized that I had to be intentional in seeking out God through His Word for my relationship with Him to grow. So I made that commitment and it changed my life. Now I want you to understand that when I made that decision, I didn't suddenly become "Polly Perfect Bible Reader." It was a process--and still is--and if you're wondering, I'm still not perfect. :) If I'm not focused and intentional every day, my Bible reading will start dropping off. And if I allow that to happen, it gets easier and easier to just let it go. (Satan loves that, by the way.)

When we designed Powered by 4, we took a lot of things into consideration because we wanted it to really encourage people to get in and stay in God's Word. So here's what I want to know from you today. First, how are you doing with Powered by 4? But more importantly, how are we doing with Powered by 4? Are you finding it helpful? Is it encouraging? Are we giving you support and providing accountability? Are there things you'd like to see that aren't there? Basically, tell us what you think. I promise we'll look at all the responses and suggestions. We are here for you. Have a good one. Tami W.

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Powered by 4 is having an effect here! I find myself looking forward to your blog and what's on the agenda next! I love the input of others too. I haven't started the reading plan in Exodus because of the timing (you were way into the Book by the time I discovered you, but I keep checking to see when you'll begin another Book. I'm doing the five-year plan started over 2 years ago with TTB and it's wonderful, but I think I can handle two studies at once! I REALLY love the weekly Bible Challenge! Wish it was Daily! Thanks for all the hard work and God bless you.

I love the questions! Sometimes I read and am not "reading" so it really helps to have questions if I find myself doing that. The blogs are really encouraging too and, like Toni, I love reading the input of others as well. My wish would be to have more discussion on what we're reading in the Bible. It's so great to hear how God teaches other Christ-followers!

I think P4 has helped me keep my Bible reading as a priority for my life, as it should be! I also appreciate the questions that motivate me to read to understand rather than just read. I also appreciate all the input of others from you, Tami, to others that share their struggles with not only reading but applying what we read to our lives. As I have thought of the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness, I can only imagine the amount of encouragement they needed from each other to "see" what God was doing in their midst and keep on walking the path set out before them. We are no different today! God is still working in our midst and I often need others, from my church family, to other believers like all of you to help me on my I in turn help others to keep their eyes on Jesus and keep going. With Joy and Thanksgiving for each of you helping me walk in the Truth of God's Word.

I'm a missionary. I just finished a year of service in Latin America and am now earnestly seeking God's for the next step in my journey. I hope to return to the mission field full time. In the meanwhile, I knew I had to dig deeper in my deovtional time. That's when I found P4 kind of by accident on the web. P4 was about 2 wks into Exodus, but I pretty much caught up and then stayed with it. I enjoyed Exodus, but must admit that I'm glad to be going on to Hebrews today. By the way a friend at church suggested a book, "The Red Sea Rules" to help me on this part of my journey, and wouldn't you know it also had me studying Exodus. It was a tremendous assett. My only suggestion would be to offer possible answers to the written questions in a separate paragraph. Sometimes, I'm not real sure what the question was asking...where the question was going...and the answer would've shed some light.
Thanks for doing a great job.

After reading Tami's blog from August 28th, and her asking for suggestions, I would have to agree with "Anonymous" in that it would be beneficial to have the answers to the questions. I don't want to miss an important interpretation of the passage because I'm not sure of the answer. I find PB4 absolutely awesome and it definitely keeps me in the Word on a daily basis. What a blessing! And I've even printed off a few of the devotions and given them out to other people. Keep it coming! May God bless your efforts!

I am really enjoying P4

It is also a blessing reading with understanding the other blogs. You are all very encouraging and insightful. Thank you for being open to share your heart and life.

I must confess; however, I recently have not been reading. My husband took me to Monterey for Labor Day weekend. And I blew it completely. I took my bible, but, failed to open one time. I also must say, I enjoyed and praised the Lord for His beauty in creation and for allowing us the privilege to see His beauty. Please pray for me to stay consistent in my daily reading no matter where I am.

Thank you all for your wonderful example and encouragement!!!

I am a new christian of only about 3 years, there is so much to learn and I am so glad that p4 offers such great resources I try listening to Back to the Bible radio broadcast every morning and enjoy how the Bible is explained. I have a very difficult time understanding how and what the Bible is trying to teach me, and having someone else explain passages is very helpful. I learn something from other peoples view point because I don't often interpret the Bible well. I am always trying to figure out how,what, or why a passage was even written. Therefore I struggle with reading my Bible. I so much enjoy p4 and Back to the Bible. Keep up the great encouragements and may God Bless you. Thank you.

P4 has really been a blessing to me. It has helped me to stay on track with my bible reading. The questions at the end are very helpful as they allow me to really think about the passage read and helps me to get a better understanding of what is being said. I use P4 in conjunction with THE MEET WITH GOD SERIES and that as really helped. Thank God for BTTB and for allowing me to be a part of something so great. God Bless you all.

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