July 21, 2008

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In the last few weeks, God has brought a number of people into my path that have, without prompting, simply told me that they don't read their Bibles and/or that they really don't know what the Bible says. This has been a great opportunity for me to talk about the importance of the Bible and encourage them to pick it up and start reading. I've been doing that by telling people about Powered by 4--where the concept came from (surveys showing lifestyle changes when reading 4 or more times a week), what it is, how it works and most importantly that P4 is a community of over 4000 people all reading and learning God's Word together. When you think about it, that's pretty cool!

Well I don't know if everyone I told signed up and joined the community, but some did and that was certainly an encouragement. So have you told anyone about Powered by 4? If you haven't, go for it. It's easy. And if you have--good job and keep it up.

Last question--how are you doing with P4? I'd love to hear any comments, stories, thoughts, you name it. We want to keep you Powered by 4. Have a good one. Tami W.

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This is my 3rd week doing P4. The first week I managed 4 times. The next week was once and so far this week I've done the reading once - which means I'm off to a better start than last week since it's only Monday today.

I wish this website was more of a chat forum since sometimes I have a lot of questions and would value other thoughts and perspectives about the same passages I am reading.

Yes, I have told a few people about P4 and will continue. I have also told two of my Pastors so they can hold me accountable, plus being accountable to the P4 community.

It is a challenge, but, it is great and I am loving being in the Word everyday. If I don't read during the day I am reading before going to bed. What a blessing the Word of God brings to my heart and soul.

He is deserving of all praise and glory! He knew I needed a program like P4 and I am so thankful.

Glory and honor to our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!

This is my first week on P4. I have hard time reading due to health issues so I listen to the Bible instead. I am trying to memorize again. My mind is lazy but I hope it wakes up soon!!! :) Can you mention what the possible answer could be to the questions so I can if I am on the right track. Thanks Dawling Dorothy

I had the greatest of intentions of reading my bible when I signed up for P4 and the first few days was a success, but it quickly faded. Over the next few weeks it seemed that I was deleting more of the email notifications than I was reading. Then one day God was talking to me and I realized what I was missing was a system to my daily readings, up to that point I really didn't have a set time that was devoted to reading my bible. Since then I've started bringing my bible to work and started reading before my work day begins and I haven't missed a day since the study began in Exodus. I'm so glad I heard about P4 what a blessing this ministry is for me and the others I've told about P4 hopefully they are checking it out too. Thank you for keeping it all going and my God continue to bless you and your ministry!

Thanks Tami,
I think so too. It's really important to tell others about reading the Bible, I have many times been talking about how I read my Bible to people around me, and I usually do not get too many responds back. So my guess is, that they do NOT have time to read the Bible, which I find is really sad. I do believe there is always more than enough time to read my Bible. I believe it is also very important to put GOD first in our lifes. Therefore I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to read my Bible every day. Also spending Time in PRAYER, is very important to me. Praise GOD for giving us everything we NEED, each and every day, because He Loved us first. Halleluja

I wanted you guys to know that I have passed out some of your P4 business cards to people at my church and other friends of mine. I'm not sure if they are signed up yet, but I love Powered by 4 and think it's a really great thing. I'm hoping to get some inserts into my church bulletin this fall when school starts up and people get back to their regular routines.

I love the readings in Exodus right now. What amazing testimonies of God's power over everything - and everyone - else. There are so many days/moments in my life when I need to be reminded that God is more powerful than anything that seems like a hurdle...whether it be an enemy, or my own sinfulness. He is able! I also need these reminders to pray like Moses. Thanks.

Hi Tami,
I just started P4 this week and I look forward to the emails with the bible study. I listen to BTTB at 5:00am so sometimes I am not fully awake. When I first heard the phrase Powered by 4, I thought it meant "Father, Son, Holy Spirit and me". Anyway thanks for a great service.


To answer your questions, yup, I have told a lot of people about Powered by 4 and also the full ministry of BTTB. I write a newsletter daily and have had an ad in the sidebar of the newsletter for BTTB as a whole, and I've been harassing my best friend and trying to get her to at least sign up for 411 God.

As for how I'm doing...well, not too bad. It's easy to follow the broadcast daily, but the challenge for me is to take the time to dig deeper daily. I am SOOOOOOOO totally distracted by too many things in my own ministry, so I need to do something different. I used to go to the park and sit in my car and read my bible, so I need to institute something new because I get bored very easily.

I tried reading my bible out loud to my cat once, but he walked away... (Okay I'm kidding...I just had to throw that in there for levity)

Seriously, I've been doing better - but like another writer, I would like more of a forum to dialog with other readers. Either that or Tami you need to talk to us more. :) Some of us like feedback. :)

Hi, Tami,
I am so thankful for your P4 website. I attend a Sunday School class that has a daily lesson during the week and that has kept me in the Word on a daily basis. But, the leaders decided to disband for the summer and that was about the time I discovered P4. What a blessing! I have even been journaling since joining P4. I told my class about P4 and hopefully they took advantage of it. I subscribed to some other online devotionals through BTTB and love them all. And getting to put a face to your voice on the broadcast has been great! Wish your blogs on Monday and Thursday were longer. I listen to them several times. Thanks for your faithfulness in serving out Lord and Savior.

Thank you Melissa, Debbie, Dorothy, Jeremy, Susanna, Leisa, Marlene and Stacy for your great comments. I enjoy so much reading every one. I also appreciate your willingness to share what's going on with you, particularly about how you're doing with your P4 reading. It's great to see that we are all striving to make and keep God's Word a priority. If I miss a day, I feel terrible. So that next morning I make it a point to remind myself that this is a fresh new day that I need to take advantage of. (That's also a great reminder for every day, by the way.) So thanks for being part of Powered by 4, and keep reading!

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