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July 31, 2008

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So how are you enjoying our readings in Exodus? If you're like me, you're wondering what the deal is with the Israelites?!? Of course, I must then grudgingly acknowledge that I am exactly like them--I have ups and downs in my relationship with God too. What a contrast to the Lord who is faithful and steadfast and whose Word endures forever. I am truly privileged to be His child.

There was a period in my life where I decided I could handle my life pretty well myself. Now I still wanted God around, but not too close and only if I really got in a bind. Clearly this was a low point in my Christian walk. But here's the thing, even though I pulled back on my end, God didn't change. He didn't stop loving me or pursuing me. As I write this today I have this to say--THANK YOU LORD!!!

So how about you? Can you identify some times that God was particularly faithful to you? How about a time when you didn't really deserve it? Give it some thought, and if you're comfortable sharing, send us a blog. Tami W.

July 28, 2008

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This past weekend I changed up my reading a little. I read in the Psalms on Saturday (instead of in 1 Kings where my regular reading is right now) and then Sunday I read a variety of passages in Romans in relation to something for church. Today, though, I went back to my normal reading schedule. Now here's the thing, even though I read my Bible over the weekend, it felt different. I guess I'd describe it as feeling kind of disjointed--until I started reading in 1 Kings again this morning. It just reinforced for me the importance of having a reading plan and sticking with it.

There was a time in my life where I'd pick up my Bible and just open it wherever and hope that God would speak to me through whatever I happened to land on that day. Although I was taking in God's Word, I never really felt completely satisfied until I started reading consistently and intentionally. Now don't get me wrong, I still have times when I pick up my Bible and look up a scripture that speaks to something I'm dealing with at the moment. But I've found that reading systematically, whether following a plan like Powered by 4 or starting in Genesis and reading straight through to Revelation, really draws me in and helps me understand and learn so much more than I could ever get by opening my Bible and reading random passages.

So I'm curious. What's your experience been with your Bible reading? And one more thing--if you haven't watched today's video blog, check it out. I've thrown out a little challenge. I think you'll like it, and it's something that will help you throughout the week. So tell me about your Bible reading, watch the video, take the challenge and later this week let me know how it worked for you. See ya. Tami W.

July 24, 2008

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Do you ever have days when you read a chapter or so in your Bible and when you finish you're not entirely sure what you were supposed to "take away" from it? I'm guessing that happens to all of us at some point or another. :) So for me, I'll typically go back, slow down and reread the chapter or at least the portion of it that's not sinking in. I may even read it a third or fourth time. Hopefully by now I'm starting to get what God has for me. But if not, then I try to focus in on a couple of specific details and then ask why they are included in this passage. Or ask myself, "What does this passage tell me about what God is like?"

So what do you do when you're reading your Bible and it's just not computing? Now don't be shy because maybe some of your ideas will help me and other Powered by 4 members. We're all in this journey together! Tami W.

July 21, 2008

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In the last few weeks, God has brought a number of people into my path that have, without prompting, simply told me that they don't read their Bibles and/or that they really don't know what the Bible says. This has been a great opportunity for me to talk about the importance of the Bible and encourage them to pick it up and start reading. I've been doing that by telling people about Powered by 4--where the concept came from (surveys showing lifestyle changes when reading 4 or more times a week), what it is, how it works and most importantly that P4 is a community of over 4000 people all reading and learning God's Word together. When you think about it, that's pretty cool!

Well I don't know if everyone I told signed up and joined the community, but some did and that was certainly an encouragement. So have you told anyone about Powered by 4? If you haven't, go for it. It's easy. And if you have--good job and keep it up.

Last question--how are you doing with P4? I'd love to hear any comments, stories, thoughts, you name it. We want to keep you Powered by 4. Have a good one. Tami W.

July 17, 2008

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I've been having a tough week. Last night I was pretty down so I ended the day with a good prayer time with the Lord. But for whatever reason, this morning when I woke up I was still somewhat heavy hearted. I knew I needed some time alone with God in His Word. A lot of times when I'm struggling, I'll go to the Psalms and find a chapter or two that touch on what I'm experiencing or the particular circumstance I'm going through. But I didn't want to do that this morning. I've been reading the last week or so in 1 and 2 Samuel. Yesterday and today I read 2 Samuel chapters 15-20. This is where David's son, Absalom, overthrows David as king and then sets after him with an army to try and kill David. That doesn't happen, though. Absalom is killed, and David's kingship is restored.

This was the perfect scripture for me to be reading this week. What an awful circumstance for David to be in and go through. I can't imagine how terrible, not to mention hurtful, it must have been. Yet through it all, David's attitudes and responses spoke to me. He stayed in communication with God and relied on Him. David didn't focus on himself and have a pity party. When he's fleeing for his life and he sends his men out in defense against Absalom, he isn't spiteful or angry. Instead, his heart and love for his son--even though Absalom is so wrong and out of control--are evident. David tells his commanders "Be gentle with Absalom for my sake." And when David gets the news of Absalom's death, his immediate thoughts aren't about his kingdom and power. He's broken and grief stricken over the whole situation. Yet through it all, God provided for and sustained David.

All I can say is--wow. My struggles this week are trivial compared to David's. But God has been there for me just like He was for David. What a comfort and joy. So where do you go in the Bible when you're struggling? Do you have a special verse or chapter or book of the Bible that you draw on in tough times? Tami W.

July 14, 2008

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I absolutely love food. I wake up in the morning thinking about what I get to eat for breakfast and as soon as I get to work, I'm thinking about what I'm having for lunch. So I guess you could say I'm a little fixated on food :) But what about spiritual food? Am I as enthusiastic about reading my Bible (taking in God's Word) as I am about devouring a hamburger or maybe a piece of pie? I should be for sure. I've found that the more I read my Bible, the more I desire to pick it up again and really read it. As I read, I feel more connected and in tune with God and I'm more aware of His direction for my day. So what about you? Tami W.

July 10, 2008

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In my video blog today I talk about my flower garden and how the way I take care of it reminds me of how God and His Word take care of me. That is so true. Think about it. The more we read the Bible, the more we learn about God. As a result, we grow closer to Him (so the Bible nurtures and grows our relationship with God). That should mean then, that we're becoming more and more like Christ (it helps keep the weeds--the bad stuff--from growing up and taking over our lives). Here's an example. Over the past several months I've really felt God pressing on my heart that I need to be more tuned in to the needs of people. That may mean I need to share the Gospel, it may mean I need to provide help financially, it may mean I need to ask someone if they need to talk or pray for and with them. So I've really been trying to be sensitive to those around me. It's a work in process, but I'm loving it and I think I'm making progress.

So how about you? How do you see God working in your life? Looking forward to your response. 

July 7, 2008

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One of my favorite books of the Bible is Psalms. I think that's because you can find every human emotion there somewhere. Most of the time, I'm a pretty upbeat person. I think that's why I really like Psalm 63, particularly verses 3-5. They say "Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you." (NIV) I love it!

We all have different life experiences, plus we're wired differently so I'm guessing there are a lot of favorite Psalms out there. So what's yours, and why? I'd love to hear from you. Tami W.

P.S. I promised you an update on my holiday Bible reading. My plan worked perfectly. Friday morning while my husband and our guest were inside the house, I slipped outside with my Bible. It was wonderful! The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I actually read about three times as much as normal. Hum--I think I'll have to try that plan again.

July 3, 2008

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When my routine gets interrupted I have a more difficult time staying in the Word. It's not that I don't want to read my Bible, it's just that I get out of sync and sometimes I let my activities or the fact that I have guests staying at my house get in the way of my time with God. I don't want that to happen this weekend, so I've made a plan so God and His Word stay front and center. Here it is.

I have a nice deck on my house, and my husband just moved outdoor furniture onto it. Right below the deck we have a small pond with a waterfall and next to that a couple of bird feeders. I am going to go out on my deck, away from the busyness in the house each morning and read my Bible with the sound of the waterfall and nature around me. I'm approaching this like a mini vacation and making my Bible reading time special. Who knows, maybe early morning time outside on my deck will become a new habit for me? I can think of worse things. :)

I'll let you know how it went after the weekend, but will you let me know how you did as well? It would really encourage me to hear how you got through the weekend too. Have a great Fourth of July weekend! Tami W.

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