Extend and Reciprocate

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Today's reading: 2 Kings 4:8-17

The interaction between Elisha and the Shunamite woman puts before us a sweet picture of people being thoughtful and kind hearted as they reach out to help one another--as they are able. The Shunamite woman was wealthy and as such, able to offer lodging and food to Elisha as he traveled back and forth by her home. Elisha accepts the offer and, at some point in the future, is moved to reciprocate the help and kindness he has received to this woman. Being a man of God, Elisha's help is miraculous, and results in a barren woman conceiving and giving birth to a precious son.

What are some of the benefits of reaching out to help, assist and support others? Tami


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Today's reading: Psalm 100:1-5

Well today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States so I decided to take a day away from our trek through 2 Kings to focus on being thankful. Psalm 100:1-5 is perfect for that, and lets us know that every day should be a day of thanksgiving for us.

So would you join me in thanking God for Who He is and all that He's provided and done for you today? Tami

Active Assistance

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Today's reading: 2 Kings 4:1-7

Sometimes the best way for us to respond to someone in need is to simply pray. But there are many times when taking action (paired with prayer) is really what a person in distress needs. That's what we see with Elisha and the prophet's widow. Confronted with a plea for help from this desperate widow, Elisha listens to her request and then takes action which helps her get out of debt and provide for her family.

There are people in need all around us. So who in your church, school, workplace, neighborhood or family needs help? In addition to prayer, what action can you take to help a person in need this Thanksgiving and Christmas season? Tami

Unfathomable Ways

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Today's reading: 2 Kings 3:1-27

Upon taking the throne after Ahab's death, Jehoram is immediately thrust into conflict with the king of Moab. Like his father, Jehoram respects Jehoshaphat and reaches out to him for help in fighting against Moab. Jehoshaphat agrees, and he, Jehoram and the king of Edom begin the long trek to engage the king of Moab in battle. The journey is a hard one across dry and desolate land, and at the end of seven days, the three kings and their troops find themselves exhausted and in a bad situation. At this point, they finally seek God's input and direction through Elisha, and God responds in a mighty way. It never ceases to amaze me the incredibly creative and unique ways that God chooses to utilize as He provides for us and moves on our behalf.

What did this account reveal to you about God? What stood out to you the most about God's method of providing victory for Jehoram? Tami


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Today's reading: 2 Kings 2:15-25

Elisha moves from being a student into the role of leader and teacher with the departure of Elijah. And what we see is a godly man who is ready and prepared to serve God fully, in large part because of the guidance, direction and teaching he received from his friend and mentor, Elijah.

The relationship between Elijah and Elisha reinforces the importance of aligning ourselves with mature Christians for support and teaching to help us grow spiritually. As I look back over my life, I've had a number of people I consider mentors, but the most impactful spiritual mentor I've had was Dr. Woodrow Kroll. I was privileged to sit under his Bible teaching as the co-host of the Back to the Bible radio program for over eight years. I didn't fully realize it at the time, but this wise and godly man was teaching me so much about God and His Word. That teaching prepared me to do many of the things that I am doing today, and I am grateful for his mentoring and his friendship. Thank you, Wood!!

Do you have someone you consider a spiritual mentor (or perhaps several people)? Are you mentoring, or open to mentoring, others spiritually? Why is mentoring so important? Tami

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