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Today's reading: Joshua 9:1-27

As I was reading Joshua 9 the words in verse 14 below (in bold) seemed to jump off the page at me. Immediately I began thinking of times when I, in my own confidence and strength, moved on something without consulting God. Now sometimes the results were alright, but there have a number of decisions where my failing to slow down and seek God about something that "seemed so good" led me to making a mistake, and some of them BIG mistakes just like Israelites with the Gibeonites. Thankfully God can and does still use our poor choices to accomplish His purposes and to teach us through the difficult circumstance, but how much better all around, if we simply sought God first? I'd like to tell you that I no longer leap before asking God about most everything, but I am still "learning," and thankful that God walks with me even through it all.

"So the men took some of their provisions, but did not ask counsel from the LORD. And Joshua made peace with them and made a covenant with them, to let them live, and the leaders of the congregation swore to them" (vs. 14-15).

Is it your practice to ask God what He would have you do as you are faced with decisions? Are you more apt to seek God with big decisions than small daily ones? What helps you seek God's first? Tami


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Today's reading: Joshua 8:30-35

There's something about hearing God's Word that impacts me differently than when I simply read Scripture. I believe part of that is that I'm able to take in pauses, emphasis, inflections and the emotions of the scene and the writer. Those are all things I can miss when I'm just reading the words on the page for myself. That's why I enjoy it when my pastor (or a teacher) reads passages as part of his message, and why I also read Scripture out loud to myself fairly regularly. Both of these things provide me with a richer experience, helping me process better and learn more from the passage. So I resonated with how Joshua gathers the people and speaks every single word of God's commandments to them--young to old, Israelites to those who had joined them along their journey.

Do you read Scripture out loud at your church, in your Bible study group, or in your one-on-one time with God? How does hearing God's Word impact and help you? Tami

Calm and Quieted

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Today's reading: Psalm 131:1-3

David gives us a look at having a right state of mind in Psalm 131. His focus in these three short verses is on his relationship with God, not on material things or circumstances or things that he doesn't understand. David is content and secure knowing that God is by his side. I was moved by this Psalm because I could identify with this state of mind that David is describing. Just looking back over the past year, there have been so many times when circumstances have seemed to be swirling around me and out of control, yet because my focus remained on God, my soul was "calm and quieted." Thank you, God, for holding me in Your hands, and caring about every circumstance and detail of my life!

How does knowing that God is with you at all times impact your thinking and attitude? What helps you maintain a mindset of trust in God so that you can be "calm and quieted"? Tami

I Hope

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Today's reading: Psalm 130:1-8

What a beautiful picture of God's offer of forgiveness and the hope that we have for eternity as a result. And, yes, while there is waiting now (verses 5 and 6), knowing that we are forgiven and redeemed allows us to wait eagerly and with expectation of our incredible heavenly future.

What does hoping in God's Word (vs. 5) and hoping in the Lord (vs. 7) mean to you? How do you explain or describe your hope to someone who doesn't know Christ? What about to a believer who is struggling? Tami

Today's reading: Joshua 8:1-29

Quite a different scenario unfolds from Joshua 7 and the Israelites' first disastrous encounter with Ai, and Joshua 8 where the Israelites thoroughly route and destroy the city. So I went back and read chapters 7 and 8 looking for contrasts. Although the main problem was with Achan's coveting and theft, I also noticed that Joshua and the people seemed to be operating more on their own decisions rather than looking to God for His specific instruction on how He wanted them to proceed (Joshua taking the advice of the spies to only send 3000 men, for example). The second time around the outcome is radically different because God is front and center giving instruction in every aspect of the battle.

So what did you learn about having God at the helm from these two chapters? Any other observations on following God's leading from chapter 8? Tami

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