Today's reading: Acts 2:14-41

As we move further into Acts 2, we continue to see the working of the Holy Spirit through Peter as he delivers a powerful and dynamic message which results in over 3,000 people receiving Christ as their Savior. I tried to visualize this incredible event and imagine myself being part of this massive crowd taking in Peter's passionate proclamation of Christ. There were many good points, but what drew my attention were the clear message that salvation is for all people, and that the Holy Spirit is a gift we receive upon placing our faith in Jesus Christ (vs. 38).

How often do you think about the Holy Spirit dwelling within you? How do you benefit from His constant presence? What point(s) stood out to you from Peter's message, and why? Tami


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Today's reading: Acts 2:1-13

Reading through Acts 2 this morning immediately brought to mind Acts 1:8 and Jesus telling the disciples that they would be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. If I had been one of the disciples, I would have been wondering how such a monumental task was even possible given that--I wasn't trained in the scriptures, I didn't speak multiple languages, I was no longer employed in my vocation, I had little to no funds and traveling the world wasn't my practice. Yet only a short time after Jesus' departure, the disciples, through the empowering of the Holy Spirit, delivered the gospel message to numerous groups of people in their own languages. And, in turn, these new believers were then empowered to take the salvation message back to their own people, spreading the gospel message far and wide.

This got me thinking about some of the ways the Holy Spirit has empowered me. A number of years ago I was traveling and the gentleman next to me noticed that I had a Bible. He began asking me a lot of questions about what the Bible said about specific topics. I could tell that this was not going to be a short or ordinary conversation so I shot up a prayer and asked God to give me wisdom and the right words to be able to respond to whatever questions came my way. I can only explain what followed as a Holy Spirit empowering. For the next hour or so this man pelted me with questions ranging in topics from a Biblical perspective on gun control, to asking me to explain the difference between what I believed and a number of other religions. As we landed and our conversation came to an end, I was acutely aware of God's hand in our conversation. I was able to respond to every single one of his questions--something that I know was only possible because of the empowering of the Holy Spirit.

What's one example of how the Holy Spirit has empowered you to complete or accomplish a task you couldn't have done on your own? Tami

Devoted to Prayer

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Today's reading: Acts 1:12-26

After Jesus ascends to heaven, His eleven remaining disciples return to Jerusalem where they join with the women who had also served Jesus and with Jesus' brothers. When you think about the recent events this group of Christ followers had witnessed and experienced (Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection and ascension), they had to still be grappling with and recovering from the shock and the emotions of everything that had taken place. They were in unexpected and uncharted territory. So what did this dedicated group of Christ followers do after Jesus' departure? They "devoted" themselves to prayer, drawing strength from God as they pushed forward to serve Him.

How would you describe your prayer life? What would (or does) you being "devoted" to prayer look like? When you spend concentrated time in prayer, in what ways does it impact your day? Tami

Hurting Response

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Today's reading: Psalm 109:1-5

Being wronged, attacked or betrayed by someone whom you trust and love cuts deeply. It hurts! And in our pain, often times our gut reaction is to defend ourselves or to respond in kind with our words and actions. But that's not the example David puts before us in Psalm 109. In his distress he turns to God. David tells us in verse 4 "but I give myself to prayer." And that's precisely what we see--David candidly crying out to God, seeking comfort as he tells God about what's happening to him.

Is it your practice to "give yourself to prayer" when you encounter hardship or difficulty? When you pray, how does it influence you emotionally, spiritually and/or even physically? Tami

With God

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Today's reading: Psalm 108:1-13

In Psalm 108 we see David's total recognition that God is the head of all and in charge of all. And with this mindset, he praises God--exuberantly ("I will awake the dawn!" (vs. 2)). Even in the middle of extreme difficulty (vs. 11) David confidently proclaims to all that "with God we shall do valiantly" (vs. 13).

What's one example of how you have personally experienced God's steadfast love and faithfulness in a difficult circumstance or season? Will you join with David and confidently proclaim that "with God" you will do valiantly? Tami

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