Faith Walking

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Today's reading: Acts 21:1-26

Paul was quite the traveler. Just reading about all the places he visited (without modern day travel modes or conveniences) makes me feel a bit tired. But as impressive as Paul's travels were, it's his unwavering faith that I find compelling. Throughout Acts, and here in chapter 21, Paul has surely modeled walking by faith rather than by sight (Paul writes about this in 2 Corinthians 5:6-7). Our human tendency, though, is just the opposite. We want to respond based on what we see, what's taking place in the world, what's happening personally to us, and we like and want the path of least resistance. So I was thankful for the example of Paul today. There was no doubt that hardship, including the possibility of being put to death, were going to be part of Paul's future. Yet, he willingly chose to press on, straight and steadily ahead, to complete the job God had for him.

How would you describe your present situation--are you faith walking or sight walking? What helps you choose to respond in faith when your circumstances are pressing in all around? How did Paul's example encourage you today? Tami

Steady Forward

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Today's reading: Acts 20:17-38

Paul delivers a loving but heavy farewell message and caution to the elders at Ephesus. Although he has already experienced much hardship and persecution, Paul knows that the road ahead of him is going to be even more difficult, and that he will not be returning to meet with the believers in Ephesus again. Yet despite knowing that imprisonment and afflictions will be in his future, he remains steadfast, focused and diligent to perform the task God had put before him of spreading the message of Christ to Jews and Gentiles far and wide.

What did you see and learn from this account about priorities, trusting God, serving in and through difficult circumstances, relationships? What stood out to you the most from Paul's conversation with the elders at Ephesus, and why? Tami

Our Portion

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Today's reading: Psalm 119:57-64 (Heth)

"The LORD is my portion..."

The opening words of the stanza titled Heth, Psalm 119:57-64, captured my attention. They caused me to pause to think about God being my "portion" and what exactly that means to me and for how I live my life--in private and before others. After declaring that the Lord is his portion, the psalmist then spends the remainder of the stanza laying out what that means and looks like in his life.

Do you think of God as being your "portion"? What does "The Lord is my portion" mean to you personally? What actions and behaviors display this? Tami

FULL Comfort

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Today's reading: Psalm 119:49-56 (Zayin)

The older and wiser I get, both physically and spiritually, the more I realize and appreciate how I can take FULL comfort in God's Word. As I'm sure you've experienced, life isn't all smooth sailing. More often than not, difficult circumstances seem to be waiting around every corner. So the Psalmist's declaration in verse 50 that God's promises give him comfort in the middle of affliction and then his recalling in verse 54 of how God's statutes have been his "songs," served to comfort me this morning. Thank you, God for Your incredible love and for comforting us through Your life-giving Word!

Is it your practice to turn to God's Word for comfort? How has God's Word been a comfort to you in the past? Do you have a favorite "comfort" passage, story or verse that you turn to in difficult times? Tami

Today's reading: Acts 20:1-16; Ephesians 4:29; Proverbs 18:21

Paul was an amazingly gifted preacher/teacher, and so often that's where I focus. But he was also an incredible encourager who dedicated a good bit of his time and efforts to supporting, motivating and inspiring other followers of Christ to stay the course. It's a picture we see throughout Acts, but it's specifically noted in Acts 20. Immediately after the riot against the teaching of Jesus in Ephesus, Paul gathers, what had to be a discouraged group of disciples, and encourages them (vs. 1). He then heads out to Macedonia where he dispersed "much encouragement" (vs. 2). And after spending several months in Greece, Paul and a number of disciples go to Troas where, once again, Paul refreshes the believers in the area with his presence and words.

Would you describe yourself as an encourager of others? What's one example of how you refreshed, supported and/or strengthened someone through your presence or words in the past week? When you step out and encourage someone, what effect or impact does this have on you? Tami

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