Willing Servant

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Today's reading: Luke 1:26-38 

Mary's response to the surprise message that she is going to give birth to Jesus, the Son of God, never ceases to amaze me. Think about it for a minute. Try and imagine yourself in her shoes as Gabriel delivers one shocker of a message that doesn't make earthly sense, not to mention that it would certainly place her in a not good position being pregnant but not yet married. But Mary isn't shaken. Her focus is clearly on God and she responds as a willing servant.

"'Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word'" (verse 38).

How did Mary's example encourage you today? What actions or thinking might you model going forward? Tami

Incredible Answer

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Today's reading: Luke 1:5-24

Today we meet Zechariah and Elizabeth, the parents of John the Baptist, and they are quite the couple. I liked how Luke provided us with so much detailed information about them. Here are few of the things that stood out to me--they were both living right before God, they were not young--in fact they were very old, both had priestly lineage, and they had no children because Elizabeth was barren. Yet even though Zechariah and Elizabeth were old, Zechariah was praying about having a child. And then, when his prayer is answered quite miraculously, "'Don't be afraid, Zechariah! God has heard your prayer. Your wife, Elizabeth, will give you a son, and you will name him John'" (vs. 13), Zechariah hesitates and questions what he has been told.

So have you ever been surprised by God responding to an "unlikely" prayer request? How did you respond and why? Tami

Journey through Luke

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Today's reading: Luke 1:1-4 

Now that we've finished reading through Judges (thanks for joining me in that, by the way), I thought it would be good to turn to a New Testament Book. So today is day one of our journey through the Book of Luke where we're starting by considering Luke's opening verses as an introduction for the Book. (As we get further into Luke and work through all 24 chapters, we'll also do some parallel reading from the other Gospels).

So what information did you draw from the introductory verses of Luke? What is Luke's purpose for writing this Book? Tami

The Tongue 101

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Today's reading: Psalm 64 

Our tongues are powerful weapons. As I read Psalm 64, I couldn't help but notice how the tongue (our speech) seemed to be a key focus. Verse 3 talks about tongues being like swords and how deadly words can be. And in verse 5, again we see talking about evil things. Then finally in verse 8, we see that God turns the tongues of the evil against themselves to bring them to ruin.

So after reading Psalm 64, how important is it that we watch our tongues? Any thoughts on how we should conduct ourselves when others are using their tongues against us? Tami

P.S. Happy Easter, everyone! Hope you're able to reflect on the amazing gift of forgiveness and salvation offered to us through Christ.

Earnestly Seeking?

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Today's reading: Psalm 63 

Psalm 63 is one of my favorites. I love the descriptive phrases of David's love for the Lord and the emotion and intensity David displays throughout the psalm. The very first verse where David says "earnestly I seek you" kind of hit me. I found myself thinking How earnestly am I seeking? Do these verses describe my relationship with the Lord?

So what does earnestly seeking God look like in your life? Is there something you can do today to earnestly seek Him more? Tami

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