Fiery Episode

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Today's reading: Luke 19:45-48

A passionate and angry Jesus literally upsets the goings on in the temple in Luke 19:45-48.

What do Jesus' words "It is written, 'My house shall be a house of prayer,' but you have made it a den of robbers" tell us about Jesus? What do they reveal about worship and serving God? Tami

Tender God

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Today's reading: Luke 19:41-44

In our short reading today, we see an emotional Jesus, sad and weeping over the spiritual condition of those in Jerusalem and the destruction that was to come to the city.

What does this passage reveal about the depth of God's love and His desire for us to be in relationship with Him? Tami

Praise Worthy

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Today's reading: Luke 19:28-40

A multitude of disciples, people following Christ, are openly and loudly praising Jesus. "Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!" (vs. 38). This, of course, infuriates a number of Pharisees who are part of this crowd, and they tell Jesus to make the people stop. (I can totally visualize this scene in my head.) Jesus' response that if those rejoicing and praising were silent, "the very stones would cry out" hit me powerfully. Only six words yet quite revealing, pointing to Who Jesus is and God's complete power and control over everything.

How did this passage get you thinking about Who Jesus is and praising Him? Tami

Purposeful Management

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Today's reading: Luke 19:11-27

I spent a little extra time with the Parable of the Ten Minas today, reading it from several different versions to see the words used by the nobleman in connection with the funds he was giving his servants. What I found were phrases like: engage in business, invest this, do work with. When the nobleman returned and sought out an account from his servants, only two used the funds they were given well, and they were both rewarded for their diligence for how they managed what they had been given.

Do you consider the things you have (think broader than simply money) as coming from God and being entrusted to you? What are you doing to invest, manage and use what God has given you for His kingdom? Tami

Help in the Hard Place

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Today's reading: Psalm 102

The writer of Psalm 102 is definitely stressed and, in his own words, distressed. He's in a hard place. We've all been there, right? My attention was caught by how this man conveys what he's going through and what he's feeling so clearly to the Lord, and he doesn't seem to be holding anything back. But then, once he gets everything out, we see a shift in focus from himself and his woes to God and His greatness, eternality and faithfulness.

So how might you use and draw on Psalm 102 to help you respond and deal with hardship and, like the psalmist, move from complaint to praise? What does this passage show us about how hardship can draw us closer to God? Tami

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