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Today's reading: Joshua 24:14-28

Growing up, Joshua 24:15 was a verse that I literally saw every single day. You see my parents had a plaque secured over the doorbell to the main entrance to our house with this verse on it. So whomever came to our door would know immediately that we were Christians who were committed to following and serving God. Although I didn't realize it at the time, my parents' choice to post and live by that verse impacted me greatly. So guess what I have in my home today, years later? A wall sign of Joshua 24:15 that declares to those who enter my home:

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15).

Although my parents have both passed on and are with the Lord, their legacy lives on. I am grateful for their godly example and how their choices and lifestyle have influenced, and continue to influence, my choices and lifestyle today.

Identify one example in the past two weeks of you living out Joshua 24:15, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." What does Joshua's impact on those around him suggest about the impact you have on your family? In your church? Workplace? School? Neighborhood? How much thought have you given to the legacy you're leaving for your family and those around you? Why is this important? Tami

Today's reading: Psalm 46:1-11

I love the overarching message of Psalm 46 that we can stand strong and not live in fear because God is our foundation and fortress. But it's the very first verse that I find so attractive and encouraging.

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

What comforting words for those times when life feels like it's raging around us and our circumstances seem like they're out of control.

What verse or portion of Psalm 46 moved your heart today, and why? Do you think of God as being your "fortress"? How has God been "a very present help in trouble" to you? Tami


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Today's reading: Psalm 45:1-17

Psalm 45 is a beautiful love song full of imagery depicting Jesus. It can be, however, a bit challenging to understand. That being the case, I read this psalm numerous times so I could spend extra time reflecting on the many descriptive and symbolic phrases and words. What I found was that each time I read through a section or portion, I would see more and more about Jesus.

Three verses drew my attention--verses 2, 4 and 6. Verse 2 because of the way it shows us that Jesus is above all men and full of grace; verse 4 because of how it points out that Jesus' cause is one of truth, meekness and righteousness (I especially loved this); and verse 6 because of the repeated recognition of the importance of, and Jesus' love for, righteousness.

What stood out to you about Jesus from this psalm, and why? Did you notice or learn anything new from this song filled with imagery? Tami

Leave It Behind

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Today's reading: Joshua 24:1-33

With Joshua now nearing the end of his life, he gathers all the tribes of Israel to deliver a message he has received from God. He reminds the Israelites of their long relationship and history with God, and how it was God who brought them to and then gave them the Promised Land. Joshua then challenges the people to leave their past behind by choosing to live fully and wholeheartedly for God. All of Israel renew their covenant with God saying to Joshua, "We will serve the LORD our God. We will obey him alone" (vs. 24). After Joshua dies, Israel continues to serve the Lord throughout the lifetime of those who had experienced all the Lord had done.

Have you made a decision (chosen) to leave your past behind in order to wholeheartedly follow after the Lord? If so, have you specifically made this declaration to God? Have you verbalized it to others? How does telling God and others about your choice helpful and of benefit to you? Tami

Final Reinforcing

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Today's reading: Joshua 23:1-16

With peace throughout the land and Joshua now well advanced in years, Joshua calls together all the elders, leaders, judges and officers of Israel to address and instruct them about following God. He reminds them of how they have seen and experienced God's goodness, provision and protection. ("The LORD your God has fought for you against your enemies" (vs 4)). Next, he charges them (as he had done many times in the past) to be very careful to follow God's Law, and to continue to hold tightly to and love God. He then concludes with a warning about the adversity and disaster that will come if the people turn away from God to follow the customs of the foreigners remaining within and around them.

Over the years, how have you observed or witnessed God's goodness, provision and protection of the country where you live? How have you personally experienced His goodness? What's one example of God "fighting for you"? What does Joshua's repeated charge to Israel and its leaders "to be very careful to follow God's Law" convey about our need to consistently be taking in God's Word? Tami

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