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Today's reading: Proverbs 3:1-8

The message of Proverbs 5-8 is foundational, which is likely why we hear and see verses 5-6 so often. But it was the truth of verse 8 that leapt off the page at me this morning. "It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones." I experience such peace and joy when I trust God--fully, when I relinquish control to Him, when I am taking in His Word and seeking His ways instead of pursuing mine.

Think back over this past week. In what situations have you acknowledged and fully trusted God? What was the result? Tami

Deliberate Wisdom

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Today's reading: Proverbs 2:1-22

As I finished up reading Proverbs 2:1-22, my thoughts were on the benefits of receiving godly wisdom. But when I went back and read the chapter again, these phrases are what God impressed on my heart:

  • "making your ear attentive" (vs. 2)
  • "inclining your heart to understanding" (vs. 2)
  • "call out for insight" (vs. 3)
  • "raise your voice for understanding" (vs. 3)
  • "seek it like silver" (vs. 4)
  • "search for it as for hidden treasure" (vs. 4)

Did you notice all the action verbs? There are a lot of them which lets me know that attaining godly wisdom is going to take deliberate action on my part. If I desire God's wisdom (and I do), then my focus must be on God and the instruction He has for me in His Word.

As I thought about my focus, one of the things I asked myself was, "Am I intentional about seeking godly wisdom?" For the most part, I think I am, but not always. Why? Well, my life (and I'm guessing yours too) is crammed full, and when I continue to pack things into my schedule (and I certainly do) that's when my intentionality about seeking God and His wisdom can fall by the wayside. So Proverbs 2 was a good reminder for me today about prioritizing and keeping my focus in the right place.

So what about you? Are you intentional about seeking godly wisdom? Why or why not? Based on Proverbs 2, what are some of the benefits of having wisdom? Tami

Differing Depictions

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Today's reading: Proverbs 1:20-33

Two very different pictures are presented concerning wisdom in Proverbs 1:7-33. The final two verses (32 and 33) sum up both attitudes and responses well.

What does this passage tell us about the availability of Godly wisdom and attaining it? What do these verses reveal about God's desire for us to know and understand His ways? Tami


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Today's reading: Proverbs 1:8-19

What wise and wonderful cautionary words about the intense pull and lure of sin. The message running through verses 17-19 was compelling, with verse 19 really nailing it. "Such are the ways of everyone who is greedy for unjust gain; it takes away the life of its possessors."

What do these verses reveal about how others can influence our thinking, and the importance of who we choose as friends? Tami

Considering Proverbs

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Today's reading: Proverbs 1:1-7

The Proverbs are a good place to find practical and wise instruction concerning many situations that we are now encountering or will at some point. For that reason, this Book is quite popular. But oddly enough, while I do turn to Proverbs frequently, it's not a Book that I typically select to read through from beginning to end. So, I thought it would be good to jump in and take a focused look at Proverbs working all the way through this rich Book. Here's the plan--since Proverbs provides so much to take in, we'll work through it in two-week chunks, then turn to another Book for a week or two and then come back to Proverbs and so on. That should keep it fresh and looking forward to the entire Book of Proverbs. Alright, let's get started!

So today we're considering Proverbs 1:1-7. What do these opening verses reveal about knowledge and wisdom? What do they show us about receiving instruction? Tami

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