Dealing Wisely

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Today's reading: 1 Kings 9:10-28

Solomon worked closely with King Hiram of Tyre (who had been a friend of David) in constructing the temple and his own residence. At the conclusion of these massive and involved building projects, Solomon gave Hiram twenty cities in the land of Galilee. Sounds pretty impressive, but for whatever reason, Hiram wasn't happy with the cities. So what does Hiram do? Well, even though Solomon was extremely powerful and wealthy, Hiram doesn't shy away from addressing the situation with him, and the manner in which Hiram dealt with Solomon showed wisdom on his part. He spoke to Solomon personally, he wasn't arrogant or condescending, and he didn't try and pull a power play or threaten Solomon. Instead, Hiram spoke words of truth from his heart to his colleague, Solomon.

As much as we'd like to avoid it, sometimes it's necessary to confront another person. It's never easy, and confrontation in a business or work setting can also be quite awkward. That being the case, how we choose to approach and handle a difference of opinion or conflict is crucial. It can literally make all the difference in the world.

What lessons did you learn or observe from Hiram's example? Tami

And Again

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Today's reading: 1 Kings 9:1-9

King Solomon is the wisest man ever, yet God continues to remind him of the need to keep his heart and mind focused on, and devoted to, fully serving Him. And God doesn't only say Remember to follow Me, but includes as part of His reminding message the devastating consequences that will follow if and when Solomon and Israel choose to turn away from God.

If the wisest man to ever live needed regular communication about wholeheartedly following and serving God, what does that reveal about our need to regularly be taking in and responding to God's Word? Tami

Almighty God

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Today's reading: Psalm 33:1-22

Psalm 33 is such an enjoyable read. It struck me as kind of an infomercial of sorts. It's God--packed, full of detail after details about God's greatness, and paired with words describing His love, care and provision for those who have chosen to follow Him.

What does this Psalm show about God's power, control and sovereignty? What message is delivered in verses 16-22 about where we place our trust? Tami

Today's reading: Psalm 32:1-11

In Psalm 32 we see a firsthand account from David of the consequences of not immediately confessing and seeking forgiveness for sin (vs.3-4), followed by the result of asking for, and receiving, God's forgiveness (vs. 5). I like the way David sets this Psalm out basically saying, You can learn from me. This is the wise thing to do and here's why.

When and/or how often do you typically ask God for forgiveness? What's your experience been with asking God for forgiveness right away versus waiting? Tami

Today's reading: 1 Kings 8:22-66

After the ark of the covenant is placed inside the temple, Solomon offers a powerful prayer of dedication to God before all of the people. He begins by acknowledging God's greatness, and then fervently seeks God's continued guidance, provision and protection for Israel. One of the things I appreciated about this prayer was how Solomon openly recognizes and addresses sin and the separation it causes between us and God, and how he then immediately follows that by humbly asking God for forgiveness of future offenses. After offering his prayer, Solomon then charges the people to let their hearts "be wholly true to the LORD our God, walking in his statutes and keeping his commandments, as at this day" (vs. 61). What a beautiful depiction of seeking after God.

What did you observe or learn about sin and forgiveness from Solomon's prayer? What does your heart being "wholly true to the LORD" look like in your day-to-day life? Tami

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