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Today's reading: Luke 17:1-4

Jesus provides instruction concerning temptation and sin in Luke 17:1-4, ending with the command that we must forgive when the offending person repents after sinning against us--even if the person "sins against you seven times in the day."

What do Jesus' words reveal about the importance of forgiving others? Tami

The Love of Money

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Today's reading: Luke 16:19-30

With the story of the rich man and the poor man, Lazarus, Jesus continues to teach about our inability to serve two masters, God and money (see Luke 16:13). In this story, we see the horrible consequences of choosing to make having money and possessions our god.

So how did Luke chapter 16, including this story, impact your perspective and thinking on serving God? What about how we use our money? Tami

Serving God

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Today's reading: Luke 16:14-18

Have you ever noticed how people often turn to mocking or ridiculing when they don't like what someone else is saying? Well, that's the picture we see in Luke 16:14-18. The Pharisees have just heard Jesus proclaim that no one can serve two masters--God and money--and they don't like that message one bit. Having no real defense, they resort to making fun of Jesus. But Jesus doesn't waiver. He continues to drive home the message of righteous living and serving God.

We all have to deal with money. It's simply part of everyday living. So how do we keep the right perspective when it comes to having and handling our money? What role does being in God's Word play in keeping you focused on serving God? Tami


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Today's reading: Luke 16:1-13

I don't know how many times I've heard the comment, as well as made the comment myself, that everything we have is God's. That statement is absolutely true, so reading the parable of the dishonest manager was a good reminder that we serve God and we are only keepers and custodians of what He has so generously given us.

Verses 10-13 were powerful ones for me, especially verse 10. What's one example of how are you being faithful in taking care of what God has given you? Tami

Coming Home

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Today's reading: Luke 15:11-32

Since there is so much to take in and process in the story of the prodigal son, I thought we'd hang out there another day, but this time focusing on the younger of the two sons.

I had no problem relating to the son who left home to do his own thing because I went through a similar period in my life where, even though I was a Christian, I decided I was in control of my life, I knew what I wanted and what was best for me and acted accordingly. Things went alright for a while, but eventually, just like the son in this story, I had to hit rock bottom before I realized how much God loved me and how much I needed to return home to Him. It was a painful experience. But as I look back I am thankful that even through my poor choices God taught me and I drew me closer to Him.

So have you had a time in your life when you acted like a prodigal, turning away from God to do what you wanted? What was the result? Tami

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