Seeking Jesus

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Today's reading: John 6:22-24

The day after Jesus feeds and then teaches the 5,000, the people come back to that same spot. Jesus, however, isn't there because He and the disciples have crossed the sea to Capernaum. But this doesn't stop the crowd. When they realize where Jesus has gone, they get in boats and go to Capernaum too.

"So when the crowd saw that Jesus was not there, nor his disciples, they themselves got into the boats and went to Capernaum, seeking Jesus" (vs. 24, emphasis added).

Two things were highlighted for me as I read this passage. The first was the appeal of Jesus. What these people were feeling and acting on--although they didn't fully comprehend it at the time--was the desire we all have, that internal longing to be in relationship with and connected to God. And yes, while they wanted the physical benefits that Jesus was offering and supplying, the actual draw was much deeper.

The second thing that stood out to me, and what I'm focusing on today, is the phrase "seeking Jesus." Those two words seemed to jump off the page to me. These people don't yet understand who Jesus is--the Son of God and Savior of the world--but they are so eager to know more and be in His presence that they painstakingly row across the sea so they can spend more time with Him. Sometimes as believers, we get lax with the time we spend with God, and before we realize it, we aren't really seeking after Him much at all. So I was thankful for this example and how it prompted me to do some personal assessing.

Would you say that your lifestyle is one of seeking after Jesus? Why or why not? What does the phrase "seeking Jesus" mean for you personally? In a typical week, how often are you interacting with God through His Word or through prayer? Tami

Chosen Delight

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Today's reading: Psalm 119:173-174 (Taw)

Psalm 119 is a psalm I turn to often when I need encouragement, strength and wisdom. I love how every stanza points us to God and His perfect Word. The familiar message delivered in verses 173-174 especially resonated with me today because I have CHOSEN to live according to God's Word, and it is my delight!

"Let your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen your precepts. I long for your salvation, O LORD, and your law is my delight" (vs. 173-174).

Think back over the entire chapter of Psalm 119. What was your favorite stanza and why? What message did God most impress on your heart from this powerful chapter? Tami

Voice It

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Today's reading: Psalm 119:169-176 (Taw)

I'm an extrovert! Without a doubt, there are more than a few people who would describe me as extra verbal. So perhaps that's why I was so drawn to this final stanza of Psalm 119 where we see:

  • "My lips will pour forth praise" (vs. 171).
  • "My tongue will sing of your word" (vs. 172).
  • "Let my soul live and praise you" (vs. 175).

Think back over the past couple of weeks. What's one example of when you verbally praised God or His Word? How will you live out verses 171 and 172 in the coming week? Tami

Always Alongside

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Today's reading: John 6:16-21

Sometimes hard times will come upon us by no fault of our own. But regardless of how the difficulty develops and comes, God is not unaware, and is in fact right there with us, eager to walk alongside and ultimately bring us through our situation.

That's precisely the scenario in this account with the disciples crossing the sea to Capernaum. The disciples are simply traveling to where they knew Jesus wanted them to go when they encounter stormy weather. Part way through the journey they see Jesus walking on the water. He tells them not to fear and then travels with them in the boat to the other side of the sea.

How have you experienced God walking alongside and bringing you through a difficult situation? What comfort do you draw from knowing that, no matter the situation, God is always with you? What situation or circumstance is God walking through with you right now? Tami


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Today's reading: John 6:15-17

After a full day of engaging with and teaching the masses, Jesus leaves the crowd and his disciples in order to have some alone time with God. Although there's not a lot of detail about this specific action on Jesus part, these few verses spoke loudly to me.

You see, over the past couple weeks my pastor has been teaching a sermon series titled "breathe" about carving out down time and planning for rest and margin. (If you'd like to take a listen, you can find the sermon series at The messages have been spot on and just what I needed to hear.

I'm a crazy "doer." I'm almost always on the go for God. Jesus's example makes it clear that having down time, rest and margin are necessary so we can function at our best as we live for God.

How much alone time do you spend with God in a typical day or week? Do you see this time as a priority? How would your personal and spiritual life benefit from a little more down time, rest and margin in your schedule? What step(s) do you need to take to make more rest happen? Tami

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